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What We Do

The Office of Experiential Learning manages the practice component of the Pharmacy Professional Program curriculum. Its goal is to enhance students’ attitudes, skills and knowledge through experiential learning to prepare them to provide pharmaceutical care.

At the Marshall School of Pharmacy, students begin introductory practice experiences in the second semester of their first year, enhancing their active learning in the classroom with concurrent real-life experiences.

Experiential learning is divided into two types: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. The introductory components are completed throughout the students’ first three professional years. The fourth professional year consists entirely of advanced practice rotations in the field. The IPPE and APPE courses reflect what the student has learned in the didactic curriculum and is reflected within the experiential course descriptions.

Please visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding experiential learning, rotations, and practice requirements.

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