Student Government and Organizations

Student Executive Council

Chair Sarah Reger
Vice Chair Kaitlynn Hughes
Secretary  Meryl Peck
Treasurer Jenna Chamberlis
Social Chair Autumn Carter

Class Representatives

P1 – Class of 2021
President Cody DeLong
Representative Brooke Radford
P2 – Class of 2020
President Cassandra Tharp
Representative Shelby Ratcliff
P3 – Class of 2019
President Noah Searls
Representative Nathan Perry
P4 – Class of 2018
President Justin Powell

Student Organizations

Name of Organization Faculty Advisor(s)
Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) Prof. Lisa Nord
Dr. C. K. Babcock
The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Dr. Cynthia Jones
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International Dr. Robert Stanton
Dr. C.K. Babcock
Kappa Psi (professional pharmacy fraternity) Dr. Aaron Sizemore
Phi Delta Chi (professional pharmacy fraternity) Dr. Craig Kimble
Dr. Timothy Long
Phi Lamda Sigma (pharmacy leadership society) Dr. Brittany Riley
Rho Chi (International Honor Scoiety for Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr. Brian Train
Dr. Kim Broedel-Zaugg
Student Society of Health Systems Pharmacists-a branch of the
American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (SSHP)
Dr. Chris Booth
Dr. Chelsea Gresham

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