Honors Research Program


This track is designed to provide exceptional students in the School of Pharmacy with in-depth training and experience in research relevant to the Pharm.D. curriculum. As the program is intended to promote independent thinking and scholarly inquiry, it is tailored to student participant interests and is highly student and faculty-directed.

Program Synopsis

  • P1 – P2 years: Develop research project with faculty research advisor and train at research site (i.e., laboratory, clinical site, etc.)
  • P3 – P4 years: Execute research project, analyze data, prepare manuscript or abstract
  • Oral presentation of project at Research Track Symposium


Development of a specialized area of knowledge during the Pharm.D. program

  • One-on-one specialized mentoring with a School of Pharmacy faculty member
  • Practical experience with experimental design and modern research techniques in a laboratory, clinical, or academic setting
  • Training in conducting research and interpreting findings
  • Enhanced presentation and writing skills
  • Preparation for entry to graduate program, residencies, and fellowships
  • Strengthened curriculum vitae
  • Special recognition at commencement and on transcript
  • Potential for publication of research findings in abstracts and peer-reviewed journals

Please contact Dr. Michael Hambuchen, Pharm.D., Ph.D. for more information.

image of michael

Dr. Michael Hambuchen, Pharm.D., Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Director of Honors Research Program
Stephen J. Kopp Hall, Office 353