Computer Science, B.S.
Undergraduate Degree
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Program Overview

The Computer Science program at Marshall University is an ABET-accredited degree program featuring an up-to-date curriculum emphasizing both theory and practice in computer science and related areas.

At Marshall, Computer Science majors develop knowledge in computing and IT fields and build both excellent technical and analytical skills, preparing them to be well-qualified for high-paying jobs and careers. Graduates of Marshall’s Computer Science program are ready to contribute to West Virginia’s economic development, advance

"My favorite thing about Marshall is the community. Between clubs, the small class sizes, and the super supportive faculty there are so many ways to get involved and so much support.”
Hannah Vitalos, Inwood, WV – Computer Science ‘24
Featured Courses
CS 305 - Software Engineering
This course provides a broad introduction to software engineering theories, methods, and tools. Requires substantial writing. Topics include requirements engineering, analysis and design, implementation, versioning, and testing.
CS 320 - Internetworking
Principles and issues in interconnecting multiple physical networks into a coordinated system, operation of internet protocols in the interconnected environment, and design of applications to operate in this environment.
CS 430 - Cyber Security
Concepts and issues in physical and cyber security; technological vulnerabilities found in operating systems, database servers, web servers, internet, and local area networks; developing defensive and offensive security measures.
Program Highlights
Top Computer Science Facilities

The Computer Science division at Marshall University is housed in the 155,000 sq. ft. Weisberg Applied Engineering Complex, which contains multiple state-of-the-art computer labs for research and learning activities. The complex also has dedicated collaborative workstations right outside faculty offices to facilitate student and faculty interaction. Computer Science majors have access to a computer graphics lab, a cybersecurity lab, and a project studio to produce high-quality software products for various real-world projects with industry and government partners.

Hands-On Research Opportunities

Computer Science majors regularly work with faculty on their research projects. They also work alone or in groups to create unique projects to assist in a variety of fields, such as medical, sports, mapping and security. Many have the opportunity to present their research in notable settings, such as West Virginia Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, the Eastern Kentucky University Mathematics and Computer Science Annual Symposium, the Computer Science Symposium on Emerging Technologies, the Super Computing Conference Series, the Association for Computing Machinery Conference and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Conference.


Computer Science majors at Marshall University prepare for top careers by participating in various internship and research activities both in West Virginia and nationally. Examples include: CBS Interactive, Fox Sports, JP Morgan Chase Leadership Development Program, the West Virginia Governor’s Office, the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates and the NASA Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Career Opportunities
U.S. News & World Report named software developer the No. 1 job among the top 100 best jobs in 2018 with a median salary of $100,080. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers strong job growth rates through 2026 for computer science positions, including notable job growth rates for software developers (24%), computer and information research scientists (19%), application developers (31%) and systems developers (11%). The average starting salary in 2019 for bachelor’s degree graduates in Computer Science is $67,539, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. NACE also reports that Computer Science majors enjoy the highest full-time employment rate within six months of their graduation.
  • Threat Intelligence Engineer
  • Premiere Field Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Cyber Security Specialist
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