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Undergraduate Degree
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Program Overview

The Department of Physics offers a wide range of opportunities for students like you that want to explore a diverse selection of topics including nanoscience, nanotechnology, theory of condensed matters, nanoparticles, soft condensed matter research, water filtration, laser and phonon physics, optics and holography, remote sensing, gravitational waves, relativity and numerical physics, photovoltaic devices, thin film solar cells, optical astronomy, young sun-like stars and more.

The physics program offers our special students the opportunity to study in areas of emphasis such as:

  • Applied Physics
  • Bio Physics
  • Medical Physics

The areas of emphasis offer a comprehensive curriculum combined with a strong physics program and a background in other scientific disciplines. We’ll provide you with a sound foundation in physics as well as a broad knowledge in the sciences. Marshall students can choose to minor in Math or pursue a dual major in Applied Mathematics, or other sciences, together with a B.S. in Physics degree. We’ll work with you to facilitate this path, including customizing your course scheduling. For all students interested in a Physics Major with a second-degree program, we waived the physics electives, thus reducing the coursework and facilitating those students to graduate in only 4 years.

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Featured Courses
PHY 308 - Thermal Physics
A study of thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, and an introduction to statistical mechanics.
PHY 300 - Electricity & Magnetism
A course including the study of electrostatics, magnetostatics, electromagnetic induction, introduction to Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves.
PHY 442 - Quantum Mechanics
A study of waves and particles, the Schroedinger and Heisenberg formulations, particles in potential fields, scattering and perturbation theories, and application to atomic and nuclear structure.
Program Highlights
Advanced Technology

Hands-on research and experimentation in state-of-the-art facilities and professional laboratories.

Student Organizations

Professional student organizations offer students incredible networking opportunities that can lead to future employment.


Physics provides the background for students to become employed in a wide range of industries.

Career Opportunities
  • Technical Writer
  • Science Teacher
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Professor
  • Research Analyst
  • Engineer