International Non-Degree: Post-Baccalaureate + Post-Master’s

International Graduate Admissions
International Non-Degree: Post-Baccalaureate + Post-Master’s

Welcome to Marshall University!

Welcome to Marshall University! We’re excited that you hope to pursue your graduate studies at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. You will join more than 500 international students from more than 60 countries as part of our Marshall community of 14,000 students (10,000 undergraduate and 4,000 graduate and medical and professional students).

A degree-seeking international graduate student
Or a certificate international graduate student for certificate / professional development

(If you are not a newly admitted degree-seeking or certificate/professional development international graduate student, please visit our Admissions page to get more information about other types of students who apply and are admitted to Marshall University.)

In general, non-degree seeking international graduate students are individuals who desire graduate level university instruction without becoming graduate degree candidates, provided they have had registrars send official transcripts denoting graduation with a bachelor’s degree from an accepted, regionally accredited college or university.

Marshall University is authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to enroll F-1 and J-1 international students.

If you need help, please contact the Office of Admissions. Let’s get started!

Already Admitted?

After you apply and are admitted to Marshall, please complete the Enrollment Checklist to become an international Marshall freshman student.

Review Admissions Requirements and Apply

Applying for admission to Marshall University is a step-by-step process. The MU Graduate Admissions Office is ready to assist as you complete the graduate admissions process to apply and be admitted to Marshall as an international graduate student seeking to earn a master’s degree or a graduate certificate / professional development.

In most cases, requirements for admission to graduate certificate or professional development programs are the same as for admission to graduate degree programs, including at least a 2.5 overall undergraduate GPA. However, requirements for admission to these graduate-level programs can vary, so please check the requirements for the graduate degree, certificate, or professional development program you are interested in.

Please be aware that some programs will not consider applications without GRE, GMAT, or other graduate admission test scores. Students should refer to the Graduate Catalog for additional requirements and application deadlines for specific programs. Admission to Marshall University does not guarantee admission to all programs. The ETS code for Marshall University is #5396.

When you’re ready, you’ll complete and submit your application.

In addition to your completed application, international graduate students must submit all required documents to be considered for admission. Please be sure to review all required documents, including your passport, that you must send to Marshall, along with a completed online application and $150.00 USD application fee (non-refundable).

Official school transcripts from secondary school

The Office of Graduate Admissions will review your application to ensure that your application is complete and that you have met the minimum institutional requirements for admission. Your completed application and supporting materials are then sent to the degree program you’ve selected on your application for a secondary evaluation and an admissions decision.

If you have questions about international graduate admissions, please email International Admissions:

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