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International Transient Students

Welcome to Marshall University!

We enroll more than 14,000 students (10,000 undergraduate and 4,000 graduate and medical and professional students), including about 500 international students from more than 60 countries.

If you are an international student who is pursuing a degree at another college or university (an international transient student also may be an international student participating in a reciprocal exchange agreement) but would like to take classes at Marshall University, you can apply to be an international transient student at Marshall. (To review other types of students who can apply to Marshall, please visit our Admissions page.)

We hope you’ve had a chance to experience Marshall by visiting our website to review the undergraduate catalog, learn about our academic programs, check tuition and fees, and read about scholarships for non-resident, out-of-state applicants. After you’ve checked our Academic Calendar and decided when you’d like to begin, you can take the next steps to apply to Marshall University. Be sure to use this page as your Admission Checklist for Marshall international transient admissions, then refer to your admitted student checklist after you’ve been accepted.

We’re excited to help you begin your journey to becoming a Son or Daughter of Marshall.

If you need help, please contact the Office of Admissions. Let’s get started!

Already Admitted?

After you apply and are admitted to Marshall, please complete the Enrollment Checklist to become an international Marshall transient student.

Review Admission Requirements and Apply

Applying for admission as a visiting student to Marshall University is simple. Below are all the steps you need to complete our undergraduate admission process to apply and be admitted as an undergraduate transient student.

Please note: As a transient student, you must submit an application to the Office of Admissions for each term in which you wish to enroll. You’ll also need to ask the registrar at your home college to send Marshall University a letter confirming your good academic standing for each term in which they wish to enroll.

When you’re ready, apply here. After you submit your completed undergraduate application, application fee, and all required admission materials, we will review your file and notify you about our admission decision.

Students Visiting Marshall University from Other Institutions

Students enrolled in a degree program at another accepted, accredited institution during the previous year who would like to enroll at Marshall for no more than two consecutive semesters (excluding summer terms) can be admitted as transient students. Transient students must submit an application to the Office of Admissions for each term in which they wish to enroll and have the registrar at their home college send a letter of good academic standing to the Marshall University Office of Admissions for each term in which they wish to enroll.

Marshall University Students Who Wish to Visit Other Institutions

Current Marshall University students who wish to enroll at another institution must complete the “Approval of Courses to be taken for Advanced Standing” form (available in the Office of Admissions) prior to enrolling at another institution. If a student does not submit this form and attends another institution, s/he may be required to pay the transfer evaluation fee and reapply as a transfer student. Students who attend another institution for more than two semesters (excluding summer terms) must reapply as transfer students. This policy does not apply to students enrolled in the Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) program. A student who completes an advanced standing (transient approval) form must submit a transcript from the host institution for all semesters s/he attended. If the student did not actually attend the host institution for which approval was granted, that institution must provide documentation stating that the student was never enrolled there. Failure to provide these documents will result in a hold being placed on the student’s record and the student being unable to register for subsequent terms.

Marshall University Students Enrolled in Study Abroad Programs

Students enrolled in Marshall University’s Study Abroad Program must submit the Study Abroad approval form prior to enrolling at another institution. Students enrolled in the Study Abroad Program must meet the same requirements as all Marshall University students who wish to enroll at other institutions.

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