Dr. Paulus Wahjudi

Department Chair - Department of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering
WAEC 3101A


Dr. Wahjudi is the chair of the Department of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering and oversees three undergraduate degrees and four graduate degrees. Dr. Wahjudi research interests are intrusion detection and threat intelligence in cyberinfrastructure, where he has secured funding from the industry, state, and local government along with national institutions. During his career, Dr. Wahjudi has received over $3 million in funding for various research in computing, cybersecurity, and educational activities. Dr. Wahjudi also serves in the WV STEM Advisory Committee, WV Cyber Security Workforce Group, and the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS), along with being a reviewer for several academic publications such as the Journal of Network and Computer Applications and American Society for Engineering Education. Before being the chair, he was the Associate Dean for the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, overseeing all academic affairs in the college.

Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi, 2007
M.S. University of Southern Mississippi, 2003
B.S. University of Southern Mississippi, 2001
Software Engineering, Secure Software Engineering, Data Structure and Algorithm, Foundation of Computing
“Scholarships and a Project-based Work Studio to Support Undergraduate Student Graduation and Entry into Computer Science, Engineering, and Safety Technology Careers”, 2020-2025, National Science Foundation, $990,550, Co-PI.
“Collaborative Research: Implementing and Assessing Strategies for Environments for Fostering Effective Critical Thinking (EFFECTs) Development and Implementation”, 2010-2013, National Science Foundation, $109,949, Co-PI.
“Landslide Hazard Management System in West Virginia – Phase I”, 2011-2013, West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways, $249,225, Project Manager.
“Development of Digital Inventory and GIS Web-Based Applications for West Virginia’s Outdoor Advertising Program”, 2011-2012, West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of highways, $149,325, Project Manager.
“Computing Technology Farm: An Approach Towards Students Development in Computer Science”, 2010-2011, Marshall University Center for Teaching and Learning. Hedrick Program Grant for Teaching Innovation, $5000, Principal Investigator.
“Coordinated Enforcement Plan to Reduce Juvenile Crime using SWORD”, 2008-2009, United States Department of Justice Juvenile Accountability Block Grant, $52,523. Principal Investigator.
HYDRA: High Yield Display Wall for Research Activity
Grendel: A Simple Micro HPC system
MU-CRES: Cybersecurity Research and Education System
Anatomy3: Multiprespective Visualization System
Spotection: A Versatile Parking Spot Detection System
EZ-Scheduler: Smart and Simple Scheduling System
Application for Data Monitoring in Smartphones
Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
National Advisory Committee for Computer Science Praxis by Educational Testing Service
National Institute for Learning Outcomes (NILOA) for Degree Qualifications Profile
WV STEM Advisory Committee