Dr. Wook-Sung Yoo

WAEC 2103D


Dr. Wook-Sung Yoo joined the Weisberg Department of Computer Science at Marshall University in 2016 as a chair and professor. He has diverse academic background in Computer Science, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Software Engineering, Computer and Electrical Engineering, Health Informatics, Bioinformatics, Dentistry, Dental Informatics programs at various public and private universities with more than 15 years of administrative experience as a chair/program director and 25 years of teaching, research, service, and industrial experiences.

Ph.D. Florida Institute Of Technology, 1995
MS. Florida Institute Of Technology, 1988
D.D.S. Seoul National University, 1982

Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Mobile/Web Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Software Engineering, Health/Dental Informatics, Bioinformatics.

NSF S-STEM Grant: $990,550 (PI, Award Number: 2030806), 2020 – 2025. Project Title: “Scholarships and a Project-based Work Studio to Support Undergraduate Student”
Faculty Mentored Internship Program (FMIP) Grant (approximately $300,000), West Virginia Department of Education, 2017 –
Graduate Research Internship Program (GRIP) Grant (approximately $700,000), General Electrics, Co., Erie Insurance, NewVision Systems, InterTech Media, etc. 2007-2016
Information Management Graduate Program (IMGP) (approximately $550,00), General Electronic Transportation System, 2001 – 2008
Engineering Systems Graduate Program (ESGP) grant (approximately $3M) General Electronic Transportation Co, Erie, PA, Senior Personnel and program mentor, 2001 – 2008
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Editorial Board member of numerous journals and Technical Program Committee (TPC) member in various conferences.
Chair of Dental Informatics WG in International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), 2000-2006.
Panelist of NSF, SBIR Program Review Panel, 1999 –