The Life Coaching division of the H.E.L.P program assists students who need additional support both inside and outside the classroom setting. Students enrolled in the Life Skills program will develop a set of individualized and mutually agreed upon goals with a trained specialist and work toward meeting the goals over the course of a semester. The objective of this program to assist students in developing independence and self-advocacy strategies that enable the student to survive and thrive in their educational environment. Specifically, the life coach and student’s collaborative relationship can address issues such as:

  • Social adjustment to the college environment
  • Coping and stress management
  • Self-regulation of strong emotions and inhibiting impulsive behaviors
  • Insight development to what motivates them
  • Cognitive flexibility and problem solving
  • Development of self-reflection skills and ownership of new habits
  • Learning strategies to plan for life post-college

Upon admission to the H.E.L.P. program, the student will be interviewed by the Life Coach on a one-on-one basis to gain student’s history and understanding and level of commitment to the coaching process. Once appropriateness has been determined, goals and action plans are created using the student’s strengths and fostered through a supportive, yet empowering, relationship with the Life Coach. A summary of the progress, the extent to which the student’s goals were met and ideas of future goals and objectives will be completed at the end of the semester.

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Amy Moffat Jones-Burdick, M.A., Life Coach