College H.E.L.P. Application

Application for Marshall University College H.E.L.P. Program

  • Please, fill out this entire form and take note of the ADDITIONAL STEPS required to complete your application process. We prefer that you submit your application by December 1st of the year prior to your expected entrance to Marshall University, but late submissions are considered if slots are available. Note: Application to Marshall University is a separate process. If you have any questions, call (304) 696-6252 or email



Psychoeducational Testing & Academics

  • Copies of testing with a diagnosis of ADHD and/or SLD must be submitted to complete the application process. Testing must include an intelligence test given under adult norms no more than three years old. In addition, an educational evaluation assessing reading, math, and written language must be provided that is no older than one year old. Provisional admission to College H.E.L.P. is possible pending updated testing. Learn more about our diagnostic services at

Additional Steps Required to Complete Application Process

  • By filling out and submitting this form you are applying for admission to Marshall University College H.E.L.P. Program, a fee-based nonprofit academic support program for students at Marshall University with a diagnosis of ADHD and/or SLD.