One of the major expenses of attending Marshall University is the cost of textbooks. According to the Marshall Bookstore, the average student spends $250-$300 per semester on textbooks. And, because textbooks may be re-sold for cash, they make attractive targets for thieves. Throughout the year the Marshall University Police receives many complaints of book theft, especially at the beginning and end of the semester and around the holidays. The University Police Department offers you several tips that will reduce your chances of being a victim of book theft.

  • Never leave your books or book bag unattended. As soon as you know that you have bought the right books for your classes write your name on the inside cover of the books. Also, put identifying marks or your name on several pages of the book , perhaps in the margin on pages 50, 75, and 125. This will help to identify your books if they are stolen.
  • Make a list of your books and include the name of the book, type of book, the author and any identifying marks to help The Marshall University Police Department in the recovery of the lost or stolen book.TIP: With the ease of digital cameras, it would be a good idea to take photo’s of your books so police and bookstore officials can easily identify them.
  • Report any book theft to the MU Bookstore and the Marshall University Police as soon as possible. Delaying at all makes the likelihood of recovering your books drastically less.