Research corporation announces spring 2021 Undergraduate Creative Discovery and Research Awards

The Marshall University Research Corporation has announced the winners of the spring 2021 Undergraduate Creative Discovery and Research Scholar Award program.

The 14 awardees will receive a $750 stipend, and up to $1,000 for travel and materials for one semester. In addition, $750 is provided for the participating faculty mentor for travel. The program is open to students in the College of Science, College of Business, College of Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Media, College of Engineering and Computer Sciences and the Honors College.

Spring 2021 awardees are:

  • Bailey, Austin (COLA) – Nelson Bond Virtual Exhibit
  • Benamar, Abir (COLA) – COVID-19, Social Isolation and Academic Performance
  • Bryant, Haylie (COHP) — Emotion Regulation in Individuals with TBI
  • Coleman, Kayleigh (COHP) – Language and Communication in Children from Appalachia
  • Craycraft, Lauren (COHP) – Methamphetamines and the Effects on the Heart
  • Dillon, Eric (Honors College) – Evaluating Gender Bias on RateMyProfessor Ratings: A Digital Humanities Approach
  • Johnson, Khyla (COS) – Effects of Prescribed Fire on the Understory of Eastern Oak Forests
  • Klemstine, Cole (CECS) — Investigation of the Functional Properties of Triply Periodic Minimal Surface (TPMS) Bone Scaffolds, Fabricated Using Pneumatic Micro Extrusion (PME) Additive Manufacturing Process
  • Krznaric, Joel (COB) – The Effect of WV’s Constitutional Carry on Violent Crimes in the State
  • Madison, Morgan (CECS) — Removal of Amoxicillin from Water Using Membrane Filters Fabricated with Gold Nanoparticles
  • Morrone, Johnathan (COB) – Selling in the Digital Era: The Power of Artificial Intelligence
  • Pinson, Zane (CAM) – Jewels in the City
  • Spence, Justice (CAM) – Rural Reporting: Appalachia’s Post Corona Virus Economic Fallout
  • Vaught, Ryan (COS) – Understanding Biomarker Expression in Association with Graded Recoil Analysis Following Shooting

Proposals are now being accepted for summer 2021 and winners will be announced in the spring. The request for proposals can be found at and then by clicking on Undergraduate Creative Discovery and Research Awards on the right side of the page. The MURC site also has further information on the research awards and upcoming requests for proposals.