Making the Most of Move-In Day

August is here and your student will be making their debut at the residence halls on the MU campus before you know it!  Below are some tips and recommendations for a successful move-in day.

Move-In Day Arrives

  • Be prompt.  Marshall Univeristy Housing and Residence Life assigned your son or daughter a specific move-in time.  These scheduled times allow the day to move smoothly, so please be on time.  This will avoid any unnecessary complications.
  • Be prepared for a chaotic day.   Be prepared.  Be flexible.  Be patient.
  • Be prepared for high tensions.  This is a difficult day for everyone.  Try to be patient with one another.
  • Ask questions about the proceduce.  The staff have given a lot of thought into creating the most effecient process.  Following directions will make the most of that process.
  • Let your student take the lead in dealing with issues and questions.  Let your student take this opportunity to begin his or her new life and take charge.
  • Delegate.  Does your student need an ethernet cord from the bookstore?  Anyone can buy that.  Hungry?  Send a sibling or parent to take care of snacks.

Move-In Day Continues

  • Help your student think about choosing his bed, closet, or side of the room.  Students may want to wait for his or her roommate to arrive to talk about this decision.  It is possible to alienate a roommate by making these decisions without input from both parties. 
  • Introduce yourself to your student’s roommate and family.  Exchange contact information.  Having another family to talk to can be reassuring.
  • Make sure your student completes a room damage form.  Encourage him or her to complete it carefully.  Upon move-out, the room will be checked for damages and your student could be charged for damage that has occurred.  This damage form ensures that your student will not be charged for imperfections in the room that occurred before he or she lived there.
  • DO NOT set up the room.  Let your student make his or her own decision in regards to decorating.  This is best done with a roommate.  Remember, this is your student’s space, not yours.

 After Move-In

  • Be prepared for some discomfort and awkwardness.  This is a milestone moment for your family and no one knows how to act.  Don’t expect any specific reaction. 
  • Enjoy the family picnic…as a way of saying “see you later.”  This year it is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. 
  • Don’t linger.  After the picnic, all students will attend their first floor meeting in their residence hall.  It is important that your student arrives on-time.  If families linger, it may cause an awkward situation for the student.  Let them settle in! 
  • Don’t expect certain emotions.  Your student may be aloof and distant when you are departing.  This may be a way to deal with the emotions that he or she is feeling.  If your student becomes emotional, be supportive and patient. 

Move-in day is a huge step in your college student’s life.  Now you can focus on your own transition. 

*This information was adapted from an article produced by College Parents of America.  (