PharmD/MBA Joint Degree Program

The PharmD/MBA Program will enable students to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the School of Pharmacy and an MBA from the College of Business.

The program is developed to respond to the increasing need for pharmacists and pharmaceutical researchers who are knowledgeable in the areas of pharmacy as well as in business administration. The field of health care has become increasingly cost effective and pharmacists need information and knowledge on accounting, marketing, operations management, human behavior, finance, decision-making and strategic planning.

Combining a Doctor of Pharmacy and MBA degree will prepare students for leadership positions that demand knowledge of pharmacy sciences and management concepts and provide graduates with skills, knowledge, and practical experience needed for a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. Opportunities for PharmD/MBA graduates include:

  • Department head in pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation
  • Executive position in health care related industry or sales
  • Leadership position in a pharmaceutical distribution center
  • Administrator in a research managed care department
  • Department director in state or federal health care agency
  • Director of Pharmacy in a health care system
  • Director of hospital operations
  • District Manager level position with a retail drug store chain
  • Starting and/or operating an independent pharmacy

Students admitted to the PharmD/MBA program will begin as their own cohort taught conveniently at the School of Pharmacy each fall semester during evening or Saturday hours. The degrees will be earned simultaneously. Admission to the PharmD/MBA dual degree program is competitive with limited seats available, and therefore, early application is encouraged.

Application Requirements

Applicants must complete the PharmD prerequisites and the MBA graduate-level prerequisites prior to fall enrollment.

  • The PharmD prerequisite courses must be completed prior to July 1 of the year of enrollment.
  • The MBA graduate-level prerequisite courses must be completed prior to fall enrollment. These courses are available for completion from the Marshall University College of Business in both online and in-person format at the Huntington campus.

Business Foundation Prerequisite Courses

  • ECN 501 – Economic Analysis (3 CH)
  • ACC 510 – Financial Accounting (3 CH)
  • FIN 510 – Principles of Business Finance (3 CH)
  • MKT 511 – Marketing and management (3 CH)

Application Requirements The PharmD/MBA Flexible Curriculum

Each students pathway to completion of the dual degree program may look different depending upon their entry point into the program (a current student vs. a new student and business degree vs. no business degree).

The PharmD/MBA curriculum is a combination of both programs with an overlap in elective coursework. The curriculum is intended to be flexible to work with each student’s preference.

The MBA Curriculum

Course No. Hours Course Title (Prerequisite)
MGT 601 3 Quantitative Methods for Business
ACC 613 3 Profit Planning and Controls
FIN 620 3 Financial management (PR: FIN 510, MGT 601)
ECN 630 3 Managerial Economics
MGT 672 3 Organizational Behavior
MGT 674 3 Production/Operations Management
(PR: MGT 601/Permission of GSM Academic Advisor)
MIS 678 3 Management Information Systems
MKT 682 3 Advanced Marketing Management – PharmD Elective
MGT 699 3 Business Policy & Strategy – PharmD Elective
(PR: Permission of GSM Academic Advisor)
Elective 3 PHAR 632 (Leadership) – MBA Elective
Elective 3 PHAR 634 (Finance) – MBA Elective
Elective 3 Advisor Approval
Total Hours 36

PharmD Curriculum

The MBA program will count PHAR 632 (Leadership) and PHAR 634 (Finance) toward their electives. The PharmD program will count MKT 682 (Marketing Mgmt), MGT 699 (Business Policy & Strategy), and any third business course as electives.
Example Curriculum – Incoming P1 student, without a business degree

Tuition & Fees

The tuition and fees for the PharmD/MBA Program are based on the basic School of Pharmacy annual tuition, plus an agreed $550 per credit hour for each College of Business course.

Additionally, if you have not completed the four foundational courses, you will need to add an additional $550 per credit hour for each foundational course, plus any associated fees.

Application Requirements

Application requirements must be satisfied for both the PharmD and MBA program for full admission to the dual degree program.

  1. Applicationto the PharmD Program
    • Application for admission to the PharmD program via the PharmCAS application which includes:
      • Official transcripts
      • At least three letters of recommendation
    • Complete and submit the supplemental application and pay the $100 non-refundable supplemental fee.

    After application, eligible students will be invited to attend an on-campus interview.

  2. Application to the MBA Program
    • Complete and submit the Graduate Application for Admission (digital) or Graduate paper application (PDF) for the MBA program. Select Master’s Degree code GB10 and indicate “Dual-Degree.”
    • A GRE score and interview for the program is not required.
    • Pay the non-refundable Graduate Admissions fee ($40) by March 1.

To be considered for the MBA, applicants must have

  1. An undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale for all previously completed undergraduate coursework. (Students with lower than a 3.0 may be considered for provisional admission.)
  2. An undergraduate degree in business from a regionally accredited institution OR a doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution; and completed all of the required Business Foundations courses or their equivalents within seven years of application. Students without an undergraduate degree in business will be required to take the noted above foundational business courses before embarking in the MBA program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information about the PharmD/MBA program, please contact:

  • Dr. Eric Blough, Associate Dean for Academic and Curricular Affairs, School of Pharmacy at 304-696-7394
  • Wes Spradlin, Associate Director of Graduate Programs, Brad D. Smith School of Business at 304-746-8964