Huaqing (Virginia) Liang, PhD

Virginia Liang
Assistant Professor

Phone: 304-696-5617
Office Location: SOPT 133
MD, Shanghai Medical College at Fudan University, China, 2013
PhD, Kinesiology/Biomechanics and Physical Rehabilitation, Georgia State University, 2018

Curriculum Vitae

Gait analysis; Biomechanics analysis
Research/Scholarly Interests:
Gait analysis of children, older adults, and people with motor disabilities
Kinematic, kinetic, and muscle activity assessments during human locomotion
Evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation protocols
Teaching Philosophy:
The most important parts of my teaching philosophy are to inspire students for self-study and to help students to develop/improve their critical thinking skills. The healthcare filed is quickly evolving, so I believe that students should be taught about the skills to find a solution instead of given the solution to each specific question/problem they raised. Whenever my students were stuck with complicated problems, I often tried to guide them to dissect it into simpler questions and find the solutions step by step. There would be times when I would not know the answers to a specific question or situation, I encourage students and I to work together and find the solution based on the best scientific evidence available.
I also believe that all students in the health professions should be exposed to the current research world to some extent. I always try to implant assignments to the course that involved reading current literature and conducting small research projects. Through these different assignments, I hope to help the students to develop/improve their skills to gather information, critically judging the accuracy of the information, and direct the general public using evidence-based scientific information.


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