Lindsay Simpson Profile

Lindsay Simpson headshot
Assistant Professor
SOPT 146


Clinical Expertise:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Strength and Conditioning

APTA Board Certification: Orthopaedics Certified Specialist, 2022

Research/Scholarly Interests:
Interventions to improve recovery from training and surgical interventions, impact of health insurance restrictions on care and outcomes, support of mental health in higher education and fostering confidence in students to improve learning and practice patterns

BS, Marine Science, Coastal Carolina University, 2006
DPT, Medical University of South Carolina, 2015

My years in clinical practice, which include working with students and residents, have provided me with a unique perspective on education and mentorship. I believe that to be an effective educator, current demands in clinical practice should help guide instruction of students. Changes in insurance coverage have resulted in more complex patients in all settings. While Physical Therapists are not considered a primary care provider, we need to have the knowledge and skillset to know when Physical Therapy is appropriate and how to execute it effectively. Therefore, I encourage students to incorporate an understanding of all comorbidities of the patient as well as social determinants of health and how these may affect outcomes in Physical Therapy. I believe that this requires “soft skills” to be nurtured in order to obtain the information needed and to work together as a team to achieve the patient’s goals.

I also strongly believe in positive reinforcement in a teaching environment. Students must be told when they have succeeded and how they are progressing in addition to what areas still need growth. This helps to grow the confidence and independence that students will need as they transition into clinical practice. It is also important to remember that all students have different learning styles and come from different educational and personal backgrounds. Just as I would with a patient I am treating, I believe it’s important to get to know students in order to understand what will help them succeed. An educator needs to be selfless in this way and open to changing how they present information. Effective mentors who help sharpen the skills of new clinicians is paramount in shaping the next generation of Physical Therapists. It is my hope to create a welcoming environment with an open dialogue that inspires thoughtful discussions.