Program Overview

Offered through the Marshall University Office of Outreach and Continuing Studies, the Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree is a nontraditional program designed for the adult student.

The RBA program might be for you if:

  • You graduated high school at least four years ago
  • You started college but never finished (students who have already completed a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the RBA)
  • You have an associate’s degree and would like to build on that foundation
  • You need a college degree to advance your career
  • You are seeking intellectual growth or personal achievement

 The RBA program offers many choices for students:

  • Students have the options of choosing a minor or an area of emphasis, though these are not required
  • RBA staff will help tailor an academic program based on your individual needs and goals
  • Students may be eligible for College Equivalent Credits (CEC) awarded for certain kinds of work, learning experiences, certificates and licenses
  • Students are given the opportunity for academic forgiveness: failing grades received four or more years before admission to the RBA program will not be calculated into students’ final grade point averages
  • More than 100 available online courses allow students to complete their degree without ever stepping foot on campus, not all areas of emphasis or minors are available online.
  • Free technology courses are available to help prepare students for online courses and necessary computer proficiency

For complete information about taking courses online, including course offerings and required computer equipment, please visit the MUOnline website: