Marshall University Private Scholarships

Marshall University has a number of endowed and annual scholarships that have been established through the Marshall University Foundation by individuals who deeply care about Marshall University and its students. Many students are selected to receive endowed and annual scholarship awards by committees from departments and colleges, while others are selected by staff from the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance uses the results of the FAFSA, gpa, and entrance exam results to determine eligibility for various endowed and annual scholarships; however, in some cases, an additional application for the scholarship is required.

CLICK HERE for a list providing the various Private Scholarships requiring an application for consideration and criteria for each scholarship. You may also click here for a list of all scholarship applications on our site.

Students must be making satisfactory academic progress to be considered for a private endowed or annual scholarship. In addition, most scholarships require the student to be enrolled full-time.