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West Virginia Nursing Scholarship Program

The West Virginia Nursing Scholarship Program accepts applications between April 15 through June 1 each year and provides scholarships to students meeting all eligibility requirements for the subsequent academic year. Awards are made through a competitive process. Complete application materials must be made by the application deadline.

The award amounts listed below are the maximum total annual award amounts.

  • LPN students: up to $3,000 per year
  • RN students: up to $7,500 per year
  • Master’s or doctoral nursing education students: up to $15,000 per year
  • LPN teaching certificate students: up to $1,000 per year

For full award details, visit the West Virginia Center For Nursing Scholarship Page.

Criteria to Apply

You must be enrolled at least half-time in an accredited West Virginia nursing program, be a resident of West Virginia, and be in good academic standing. You must also meet the cumulative and nursing GPA requirements set by the Recruitment and Retention Committee.

There are also eligibility requirements specific to what kind of scholarship you are applying for:

  • LPNs and RNs – You must complete at least 50% of their nursing curriculum before receiving an award.
  • Graduate nursing students – You must be working as a nursing educator at a West Virginia school of nursing while enrolled in your graduate nursing program.

Criteria for Grant to Pay

Students mut be enrolled at least half-time in an applicable nursing program and be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress and required GPA, which is dictated by the program and changes annually.

Renewal Criteria

Each year, the GPA (cumulative and nursing) may change thus you must be meeting the GPA requirements required for the Nursing scholarship. If you want to be considered for renewal of this scholarship, please be sure to apply during the open application cycle.  Because you received an award one year does not mean you are automatically considered for the next. You must apply during the open application cycle to be considered each award year.