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Types of Holds

Holds are notes on your student record which prevent you for registering for classes for the following semester. Holds must be resolved before you will be able to register, so it is very important that you check your holds in myMU and take the appropriate action.

There are many types of holds, each with its own resolution. If you find a hold on your account, refer to the following list for possible reasons:

  • Academic Hold– The student is on academic probation and requires the signature of their academic Associate Dean (AD). Appropriate forms must accompany the registration. Usually students on probation are held to a limited number of hours (maximum of 15).
  • Advisor’s Hold– The student must secure an advisor’s signature from their college advisor.
  • Admissions Hold– The student has some records missing and can’t register until the Admissions Office removes the hold.
  • Athletic Hold– The student is an athlete and must have a stamp with initials from the Buck Harless Student Athlete Program (BHSAP).
  • Financial Hold– The student owes money to the university (parking fines, return check, etc.) and must visit the Office of the Bursar to have the hold removed.
  • New Student Hold– All incoming students may not register until they attend orientation. Note that even once orientation has been attended, the hold will not be removed until after the last orientation date.
  • Residency Requirement– Freshmen and Sophomore students must live on campus and have a meal plan. If a student’s permanent address is within 50 miles of campus, they may apply for a waiver of this responsibility.
  • Enrollment Deposit– The student has been admitted to the university, but has not yet submitted the $100 enrollment deposit. Students won’t be able to register for orientation, reserve housing, or register for classes until the enrollment deposit is paid.
  • Social Obligation– The student must see an official from the Office of Student Conduct.
  • International Insurance Hold– The student must see an official in International Student Services. The student must provide proof of purchased insurance prior to the hold being removed.