Dr. Yousef Fazea

Assistant Professor - Department of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering
WAEC 3229


Yousef Fazea is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering, Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, USA since 2021. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University Utara Malaysia in 2017. He is an editor of many journals and special issues such as Springer Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, the International Journal of Reconfigurable and Embedded Systems, MDPI Processes, MDPI Quantum Report, and Southeast Europe Journal of Soft Computing. Dr. Fazea has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers indexed in ISI and Scopus databases, two books, five book chapters, and a patent.  Two of his scientific papers were chosen for the best paper award at the IEEE ISCAIE-2017 and IEEE ICCIS-2020. He won and was awarded many prestigious awards such as the summer research award for two consecutive years 2022 and 2023, was nominated for Pickens-Queen Teacher Award, and mentor for Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Award, won the bronze medal in I-RIA-2019, the second runner-up in the 3MT-2016, and outstanding contribution toward student and alumni development in 2019.  Dr. Fazea is a member of IEEE and has been actively involved in IEEE activities as an executive and counselor since 2018, a member of ISOC since 2014, and a member of ISOC New York Chapter, Washington D.C. Chapter. Dr Fazea serves as a reviewer for many prestigious and leading computer science and information technology journals including IEEE Internet of Things Journal, IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, IEEE Access Journal, OSA Optics Express, Elsevier Microelectronics Journal, Elsevier Microwave, and Optical Technology Letters. Elsevier International Journal of Electronics and Communications and Fibre and Integrated Optics-Tylor and Francis. Dr. Fazea’s research includes next-generation computing and telecommunication, Optical and radio communications, Encryption sensors, and embedded systems, Channel modeling using different algorithms, Future Internet D2D communication, high-computing performance, digital communication networks, high-speed networks, SDN, ICN, and network security and trust.

Ph.D. University Utara Malaysia 2017
M.Sc. University Utara Malaysia 2012
B.A University Utara Malaysia 2011

My teaching philosophy as a computer science professor center on a dynamic and interactive classroom environment, emphasizing hands-on, project-based learning. I strongly believe in applying knowledge to real-world problems and fostering teamwork and collaboration. I am dedicated to inclusivity, supporting all students regardless of their backgrounds or experience in computer science. My teaching methods include coding exercises, group projects, and guest lectures from industry professionals. Research involvement is encouraged to deepen students’ understanding of technology’s impact while staying updated on the latest developments in computer science keeps students well-prepared for the rapidly changing landscape. I prioritize community outreach to promote computer science education and offer opportunities for practical experience through internships and professional development support to advance students’ careers.

Optical and wireless communications, Internetworks, Internet of Things, Network Security, Cybersecurity, High Computing Performance, Blockchain, and Software Engineering Practices.
Optical and radio communications, Next-generation computing and telecommunication, Encryption sensors, and embedded systems, Channel modeling using different algorithms, Future Internet D2D communication, high-computing performance, high-speed networks, SDN, ICN, Internetworks cyber security and trust.
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Yousef Fazea, A. Amphawan, Y. Al-Gumaei, A. M. Al-Samman, and W. M. Al-Rahmi, "Modes power equalization based-singular value decomposition in mode division multiplexing systems for multi-hungry bandwidth applications," Optical Fiber Technology, vol. 61, p. 102389, 2021, Impact Factor: 2.141, Indexed by Scopus, (Link)
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Yousef Fazea, Mohd Samsu Sajat, Suwannit Chareen Chit “16-Channels NRZ-DPSK DWDM for Rural Area Networks” International Conference on ICT for Transformation, Sabah, Malaysia, April 5th – 7th 2016, (Link)
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Yousef Fazea, Angela Amphawan "Spot Mode Excitation for Multimode Fiber". Fourth International Conference on Internet Applications, Protocols, and Services (NETAPPS2015), 1-3 December, Cyber Jaya, Malaysia, 2015 (Link)
2023: Summer Research Award
2023: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Award
2023: Nominated for Pickens-Queen Teacher Award
2022: Badge EDUCAUSE Review Author
2022: Summer Research Award
2020: Best Paper Award from IEEE ICCIS2020
2019: IEEE Contribution Award
2019: Bronze Medal I-RIA-2019
2017: Best Paper Award from IEEE ISCAIE2017
2016: A second runner-up in the 3-minutes thesis competition
Guest Editor for MDPI Processes Impact Factor: 3.352, Special Issue "Special Issue "Trends of Machine Learning in Multidisciplinary Engineering Processes", (ISSN 2227-9717) (Link)
Special Guest Editor for MDPI Quantum Report Journal “Special Issue "Quantum Computing: A Taxonomy, Systematic Review, and Future Directions", (ISSN 2624-960X) (Link)
Editor Board Member of Southeast Europe Journal of Soft Computing, ISSN 2233 -1859 (Link)
Associate Editor of the International Journal of Reconfigurable and Embedded System, 2089-4864 (print), 2722-2608 (online) (Link)
Reviewer for IEEE Internet of Things Journal IF. 11.750, IEEE Network Magazine IF. 9.5, OSA Optics Express IF. 3.833, IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, IEEE Access Journal IF. 3.745, Wireless Personal Communications IF. 1.2, Microelectronics Journal- Elsevier IF. 1.480, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters IF. 0.948, International Journal of Electronics and Communications-Elsevier IF. 2.924, Optik IF. 1.914, Fibre and Integrated Optics-Tylor and Francis IF. 0.439.
Co-Editor in Chief for Electronic Integrated Computer Algorithm Journal (Link)
Cybersecurity Track Chair for IRICT2023 (Link)
2023 - Date ISOC New York Chapter, and ISOC Washington D.C. Chapter (Member Grade)
2022 - Date Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group (Member Grade)
2021 - Date Educause Review (Member Grade)
2017 - Date Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE (Member Grade)
2018 - Date Internet Society Malaysian Chapter, ISOC Malaysia (Life Member Grade)
2015 - Date Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science, IAES (Member Grade)