Senior Capstone Projects

Civil Engineering

Dormitory Design Project

Members: Nathan Adkins, Allison Aldrich, Fahad Aljaber, Travis Blessing, Josh Mason, John Scott, Cody Stack, Brandi Stroup
Advisor: Dr. Gregory K. Michaelson, P.E.

Project Description: Marshall University, like many campuses around the nation, is a rapidly growing institution. With more students, there comes a need for additional campus housing, thus the construction of additional dormitory buildings. But, before a new dorm can be built, it must be carefully designed to ensure the safety of all students who will live in it. This senior capstone project observes the need for this design and allows students to get hands-on with real world projects. The scope of this project includes the design of a structural steel frame that could be used to support all the load that a typical dorm building would experience. Read more…

Flood Mitigation in Rainelle, West Virginia

Members: James Dishner, Tyler Elliott, Jeremy Holbrook, Logan Kerby, Austin Linville
Advisor: Richard Begley, Ph.D.

Project Description: The Town of Rainelle is in Greenbrier County, WV and has experienced significant flood events that have caused extensive amounts of damage to homes and businesses over the last 20 years. The severity of the most recent storm event in 2016 has intensified engineering efforts to find a solution for flood mitigation within the town. A senior capstone group was tasked with designing a stormwater management system for a portion of the Town of Rainelle that currently has no existing storm water system in place. Read more…

20th Street Renovation: A Renewed Focus on Marshall University’s Pedestrian Safety

Members: Maggie Capehart, Janie Matics, Mandie Ronk, Logan Sutphin, Alex Toler, Nick Wright
Advisor: James Bryce, Ph.D.

Project Description: Attention has been drawn to the danger inflicted upon those who attempt to cross 20th Street between the 3rd Avenue and 5th Avenue intersections. In its current state, there are no cross walks, stop signs, or yield to pedestrian signs along the extent of the roadway segment, which keeps oncoming traffic from recognizing that they are entering a zone of high pedestrian volume. In order to combat this issue, a senior design team- Six Fix Engineering- designed a potential solution that incorporates a pedestrian refuge island and counterflow lanes. Read more…

Computer Science

Marshall University Virtual Tour (MUVT)

Members: Drew Foglesong, Matthew Taylor, Daniel Lewis, Zach Litteral
Advisor: Dr. Wook-Sung Yoo

Project Description: Marshall University’s current online campus tour provides the minimal information on select locations and buildings around the campus without interactive virtual tour. To solve this problem, a senior design project team created Marshall University Virtual Tour (MUVT) system, a framework for a browser-based tour that allows users to explore Marshall’s campus using on-screen navigation and 360 degree panoramic images. MUVT uses Google’s Street View API to create a panoramic viewer that can be used to navigate between different image nodes… Read more

System for Painless Optical Tennis Tracking (S.P.O.T.T.)
Members: Henok Atsbaha, Zachary Jones, David Wingfield
Advisor: Dr. Wook-Sung Yoo

Project Description: Tennis ball machines are commonly used by tennis players to improve their skills and by coaches to train tennis players. One of the benefits of using the ball machines is to gather the data of a tennis player’s ability which requires manual entry of shot data into an electronic or paper record. The System for Painless Optical Tennis Tracking (S.P.O.T.T.) attempts to automate the collection of shot data during a training session using computer vision technology… Read more

JUDGE: QSS Online Judging System
Members: Gabriel Hoverman, Mark Adkins, Paul Fox
Advisor: Dr. Wook-Sung Yoo

Project Description: JUDGE is a web based application designed and developed to assist The Marshall University School of Medicine in hosting and judging their annual Quality and Safety Summit. The Quality & Safety Summit is an annual event where registered presenters from any medical field display the results of their research into… Read more


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