Tiffany Davis, Pharm.D.


Dr. Davis received her PharmD from West Virginia University School of Pharmacy at which time she began practicing as a community pharmacist in rural West Virginia. Dr. Davis has 10 plus years of experience as a Pharmacist-In-Charge with a special focus on inventory management. In addition to her community practice, Dr. Davis has worked in long-term care, is co-leader of Food Allergy Survival Team, aka F.A.S.T., a Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) recognized support group, a volunteer food allergy cooking instructor, and organizer of multiple, annual Food Free Trunk or Treat events designed to benefit children with food allergies, diabetes, and other restrictive diets.

After her son was diagnosed with numerous, severe food allergies, Dr. Davis became a food allergy advocate and eventually began blogging under the name Food Allergy Pharmacist. Dr. Davis’ research and personal goal is to bring about an awareness of how food allergies impact medication selection and overall patient care.