FAFSA Simplification Changes are Coming!

FAFSA Simplification Changes are Coming!  Click here to learn more!

Dual Enrollment & Study Abroad

When you are a Marshall University student and plan to enroll at another college or university simultaneously, or if you have been approved to study elsewhere or abroad for the summer, you may have your enrollment elsewhere considered for financial aid eligibility at Marshall University.

You may not receive federal financial aid at more than one institution of higher education for the same courses or at the same time. You must declare which institution is to be considered the “home school” or the institution where you will receive your degree for financial aid eligibility purposes. To be considered for financial aid as a dually enrolled student or a student taking courses elsewhere during a given semester or term, a Consortium Agreement Form must be completed and approved by both Marshall University and the other school. Please follow the instruction on the Consortium Agreement Form closely. You will have to obtain approval from your “host” institution, obtain an approved “Course Credit Approval Form” from the Admission Office, and comply with other responsibilities outlined in the instructions before submitting this form to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

If you wish to be considered for financial aid during the summer to study abroad, visit https://www.marshall.edu/sfa/eligibility-costs/dual-enrollment-study-abroad/ for information and requirements.