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Credit Hours and Course Schedule Changes in Relation to Financial Aid While Studying Abroad

Completing the Study Abroad Credit Approval Form prior to departing for the Study Abroad program not only has academic significance, but also has sustainable impact on financial aid eligibility both while studying abroad and in future semesters. It is imperative that if the student’s planned and previously approved coursework abroad changes for any reason, the student communicate with the Coordinator of Study Abroad, who will consult with the Office of Admissions, to ensure that the proposed courses taken abroad will transfer in and count toward the student’s degree. 

It is also important to understand there are different credit equivalencies when studying abroad. One credit hour in the United States may not be equivalent to one credit hour at another University in a foreign country. Students are responsible for working with the Study Abroad Office, who will consult with the Admission Office, to ensure that full-time enrollment is maintained and that students receive transfer credit hours as anticipated.

Students must be aware that if enrollment status changes from full-time to less-than full-time while studying abroad, the financial aid awarded for the period of enrollment can also change. Also, it is important to be aware that various scholarships require students earn a minimum cumulative GPA and complete a minimum number of credit hours during the academic year for scholarship renewal. In most instances, students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours each academic year for scholarship renewal.