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Costs & Financial Aid for Studying Abroad

Federal student aid is available to students who participate in a Marshall University-sponsored study abroad program. State and institutional financial aid may also be available to students studying abroad, but there are instances when certain state and institutional financial aid programs cannot be awarded to pay for educational expenses abroad. Each student has different financial aid eligibility and options.

Students are responsible for learning which financial aid programs can be used for study abroad, as well as the criteria that must be met for continued financial aid eligibility upon return from study abroad.


Which Financial Aid Programs Can Be Used to Study Abroad?
Federal Grants & Loans WV PROMISE WV Higher Education Grant Other State Aid Marshall University Tuition-Waiver based Scholarships & Grants Marshall University Scholarships
Marshall Exchange Programs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marshall Faculty-Led Study Abroad Yes No* Yes Yes No Yes
Marshall Affiliate Study Abroad Yes No* Yes Yes No Yes

*Students who qualify for WV PROMISE Scholarship and who cannot use the scholarship to study abroad must request to defer their scholarship for the next semester or academic year by contacting West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, Division of Financial Aid, 1018 Kanawha Blvd. East, Suite 700, Charleston, WV, 25301, 304-558-4618 or 1-877-987-7664. Failure to make this request could disqualify you for future WV PROMISE Scholarship eligibility.

Students participating in one of the Marshall Exchange Programs are responsible for paying Marshall University for tuition and fees in addition to any other study abroad fees. Students studying abroad in Marshall Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs or other affiliate study abroad programs are responsible for paying tuition directly with those programs or institutions in addition to any other study abroad fees.

Students who require additional financial assistance (typically student loans) to cover travel expenses in order to study abroad may request consideration of additional financial aid by completing an Appeal for Student Cost of Attendance Budget Adjustment Form and submitting it to the Marshall University Office of Student Financial Assistance.