Marshall University All Generalist 2-year students must complete 66 credits in order to graduate from the program. All students enrolled in the regular 66 credit program must complete two separate (two semesters each) academic year field placements.

Generalist Plan of Study 

Advanced Standing

Students who enter the program with Advanced Standing (36 credit hours total) complete only one (1) academic (two (2) semesters) yearlong field placement (9 credit hour 450 work hours). All Non-Advanced and Advanced Standing students will be offered behavioral health elective courses (see following section).

Advanced Plan of Study 

Advanced Standing ONLINE ONLY

The program will consist of the advanced content (36 credit hours). Those Advanced Standing status students admitted to the MSW Online Only program option require the completion of 36 academic credit hours which includes 9 credit hours of field education. The Advanced Standing Program is for students entering the MSW Program who live in the TriState area, with a BSW degree and who meet specific GPA requirements. The Master of Social Work (MSW) “Online Only” Program is offered only to those students admitted to Advanced Standing status. Students will not be allowed to take any other face to face or hybrid courses (although they will be allowed to take online only electives which are identified on the MSW Advanced Standing Online Only Plan of Study.

Online Only Advanced Plan of Study