Green Trail Project

Green Trail - Trail Head Sign & Map

Brochure-4-web-imageThe goal of the Green Trail is to create a walkable path for campus and community to follow and learn about Marshall University’s many green initiatives, and how you too can “Be Marshall Green“. We invite you to participate in our Green Trail and to visit our Virtual Green Tour.

At “green stations” along the Green Trail, signs will display interactive information about each location, along with QR codes. Brochures are available for a more self-guided experience.

You can also Geocache the Green Trail.

By following the trail, visitors will be able to easily tour our campus, learn how we are working to “Be Marshall Green”, and see how to live more sustainably. We host guided teaching tours of our Green Trail, and to use our “Green Stations” for hands-on learning with students and residents of all ages. Our Green Sustainability Education Modules curriculum development project also utilizes the Sustainability Gardens and other locations along the Green Trail. Through this education outreach, we hope to inspire all to embrace living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Eco-Bike-Action-ShotThis project is funded in part by a grant from the Dunn Foundation.

We look forward to growing this site along with the trail, as we continue to expand our green initiatives on campus, and beyond.

  1. Outdoor Classroom
  2. Bottle Refill Stations
  3. MU Foundation Hall
  4. Student Gardens
  5. VIP (very Important Pollinator) garden
  6. Rain Gardens
  7. Eco Cycle Bike Loan Program
  8. Grass cells
  9. Permeable Pavers
  10. Recycling Compactor
  11. Recycling Bins
  12. Monarch Butterfly Waystation
  13. Butterfly Oasis
  14. Recycling-Bins-1Greenhouse
  15. Ash Tree Removal Invasive Emerald Ash Borer
  16. Green Roof Garden – Science Building
  17. Arthur Weisberg Family Applied Engineering Complex – Green Roof
  18. The Marshall Beech Tree
  19. The Visual Arts Center

Additional Green Initiatives on campus: