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Permeable Pavers

PermeablePavers-MU1This demonstration permeable paver pad was donated by Belden Brick, and is located near the East entrance to Jenkins.

These stormwater management fired clay permeable pavers are called Belden Brick Aqua-Bric. Environmental regulations are requiring facilities to decrease the amount of stormwater generated from the property so alternative technology is needed.


belden_aquabric_002Marshall University wanted to install a permeable paver pad to demonstrate how new technology can help decrease the impact of new development. With this type of low impact development (LID) Marshall University can have a solid surface to walk and drive on and still allow the stormwater to infiltrate into the existing soils. Allowing stormwater to infiltrate the soils will decrease the amount of water entering the City of Huntington’s combined sewer system, which will help reduce flooding, and reduce the amount of pollutants entering the Ohio River.

Permeable Pavers-1Another hope for these permeable pavers is the reduction in salt use in the winter.  Ground temperatures and day time temperatures should melt the snow and as it melts the water will drain around the pavers preventing any refreezing that may occur the following night.