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Program Overview

The Marshall University of Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program offers advanced education and training for professional nurses like yourself. The purpose of the program is to provide registered nurses to become advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) in a variety of healthcare settings.

The MSN degree at Marshall University focuses on 5 specialization areas. Three of the areas of emphasis are available in-person.

And two 100% online areas of emphasis:

For more info on the Post Master’s Certificate Options.

MSN Admissions application.

The MSN program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

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Featured Courses
nur 642 - Organizational Dynamics in Nursing
Focus is upon the organization dynamics as they apply to the nurse manager in health care delivery systems.
nur 622 - Advanced Physical Assessment
Introduction to knowledge and skills essential for comprehensive health assessments, analysis of data, formulation of diagnoses, development of therapeutic plans and implementation of health promotion and maintenance activities.
nur 616 - Curriculum Development in Nursing
Introduces the various components in the curriculum development process. Emphasis is on philosophy, objectives, curriculum designs and program evaluation. Factors influencing curriculum development implementing evaluation and nursing curriculum patterns are examined.
Program Highlights

The M.S.N. program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.


Develop expertise in a specialized area or in the administration of clinical services.

Interactive Preceptorships

Preceptorship positions available at local and regional hospitals to experience anything you may encounter.

Career Opportunities
The employment outlook for nurses continues to be very positive. As a nurse with an advanced degree, you will have the chance to work alongside highly trained practitioners s in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, educational institutions, government agencies and many more. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the median pay for a nurse practitioner or nurse midwife to be above $100,000 per year with an employment outlook for nursing majors set to grow at 26% over the next decade. Growth will occur primarily because of an increased emphasis on preventive care and demand for healthcare services from an aging population, according to BLS.
  • Hospital or Doctors Office Administration
  • Professor of Nursing
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Healthcare Policy
Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Applicants should follow the admissions process described in this catalog or at the Graduate Admissions website:

Students must also submit a separate application to the M.S.N. program at:­ science-in-nursing/admission/.

Application Deadlines for the M.S.N. program by Track:

  1. Online Nursing Administration Track (MSN- NA)
  2. Online Nursing Education Track (MSN- NE)
  3. Online Post-Master's Certificate (PMC) PMC-NA or PMC-NE

    Applications to these program tracks (MSN-NA, MSN-NE, PMC-NA, PMC-NE) are on a rolling admission basis. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they become complete with all supporting materials. This process will continue until the class is filled; therefore, it benefits applicants to complete their applications early. Completed applications will be accepted no later than December 1st for the Spring semester and August 1st for the Fall semester.

  4. Virtual Family Nurse Practitioner Track (FNP)
  5. Virtual Family Nurse Practitioner-Post-Master Certificate (PMC-FNP)
  6. Shenandoah Cooperative Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Track (PMHNP)*
  7. Shenandoah Cooperative Midwifery Track (MW)*

    Applicants for the FNP, PMC-FNP, PMHNP, and MW will receive priority consideration, with submission of completed applications and all required supporting materials by the priority deadlines of September 15th for the Spring semester and February 15th for the Fall semester. Completed applications submitted after the priority deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis only if openings remain in these program tracks, but no later than December 1st for the Spring semester and August 1st for the Fall semester.

* There is no PMC-PMHNP or PMC-MW through Marshall University with Shenandoah.

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