Joseph passes Instrument Certification exam

Bill Noe Flight School student Jay Joseph passed the FAA examination for the Instrument Certification Saturday, July 30. This certification allows him to fly according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). Specifically, he can fly the airplane using only the aircraft’s instruments. This accomplishment is an important step in a pilot’s training as it allows them to fly in weather conditions that limit what the pilot can see from the flight deck.

According to Nancy Ritter, the chief flight instructor of the Bill Noe Flight School, “Jay excelled well past progress projections in his instrument training. His dedication to flight training and absolute attention to detail allowed him to excel in this course, earning the highest standard in each of his four instrument training stage checks. Jay is already enrolled in his next training course and is the first student to enter flight courses ahead of the planned program timeline.

Jay is an example of professionalism and determination within our student cadre. We are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate his many accomplishments with him.”

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