About Bill Noe

Bill Noe in cockpitBill Noe is a true Son of Marshall University.

A former Marshall University Hall of Fame swimmer, a pilot and an accomplished business executive, the Huntington native has enjoyed an immensely successful career in aviation.

Starting out as a flight instructor, Noe worked his way up to become chief operating officer of NetJets, a Columbus, Ohio-based company geared to meeting private air travel needs.

Noe currently serves as executive aviation specialist for Marshall’s new aviation programs, volunteering his time to advise on all major decisions as the flight school is being developed.

Noe is also a member of the university’s Board of Governors. Read more about Noe here.

In recognition of his contributions, our flight school has been named the Bill Noe Flight School.


Bill Noe waving from Marshall plane
Bill Noe waves to the people assembled to greet his delivery of Marshall’s first plane in October 2020 at Yeager Airport in Charleston.

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