The bursar fee (not tuition) is set annually by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.  For the 2015/2016 academic year, the fee is $25.00 per credit hour.  That translates to:

  • Biology 104/105= $100.00 each
  • English 101/201= $75.00 each
  • English 200/205 = $75.00 each
  • Communication Studies 103/215 = $75.00 each
  • History 230, 231, 102, 103= $75.00 each
  • Math 127= $125.00
  • Math 121, 122, 225 = $75.00 each
  • MIS 200, MGT 100= $75.00 each
  • Music Appreciation 142= $75.00
  • PSY 201/104= $75.00 each

Payment Procedures

Because these courses are “contract courses,” all checks (NO CASH) for the bursar fee are made out either to the high school or the County.  Students should ask their Marshall University course instructor at their high school who the check should be given to.  Many times it is the instructor or the high school financial secretary who will receive the checks.

The student’s name and what course(s) the student is paying for go at the bottom of the check.  Parents can pay for more than one course at a time; just make sure the all of the courses are noted at the bottom of the check.

The important thing to remember is – don’t pay for any classes except the ones your student is currently in.  If your student is taking 1 class in the fall and 2 in the spring semester, only pay for the fall course.  Pay for the spring courses in the spring.