Interprofessional Research

Faculty-Led Research

Innovative Curriculum Design in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Led by Dr. Carrie Childers, Professor Pam Holland, and Professor Kelly Rutherford, this study investigates a curriculum design that has been newly implemented within our department, as well as the student satisfaction and performance within the integrative learning design.


Faculty-Student Collaboration

Writing Skills Among Undergraduate Communication Disorders Students

The purpose of this research study was to gain a more complete understanding of undergraduate CD students’ writing skills through their own self-report. Specifically, it aimed to: (a) investigate student’s perceived academic writing ability, (b) investigate student’s perceived field-specific (clinical) writing ability, (c) measurestudents’ attitudes toward writing, and (d)measure student’s access to and use of writing resources. It is hoped information from this study can lead to appropriate and effective writing interventions.

Stress Levels in Relation to Program of Study

The purpose of this study was two-fold. The first was to measure students’ perceived stress level related to various factors within their specific program of study (e.g., workload, grades) as well as other factors (e.g., health, relationships, etc.). The second was to assess whether or not differences existed between CD and other HP students. The study consisted of a 14-item survey comprised of questions assessing the physical, emotional, and psychological effects students feel in relation to stress. Forty-five Communication Disorders students and 63 other general Health Professions students completed the survey. Results between the groups were compared descriptively.


Institutional Interdisciplinary Research

Interprofessional Education Study

Led by Professor Pam Holland, this study aims to compile curriculum-relevant information on the interprofessional education (IPE) process of Marshall University’s healthcare students.


100% Pass Rate on the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology
Congratulations to our SLP students who received a 100% pass rate on the 2020 Praxis Exam. Thank you to our hardworking faculty who helped make this possible.

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