Speech, Language & Literacy

Faculty-Led Research

Language and Social Interaction Development for Children and Parents/Caregivers in Appalachia

Led by Dr. Carrie Childers, this study focuses on collecting and analyzing language samples and social interactions of children and parents/caregivers in Appalachian regions.

Postsecondary Study 

Led by Dr. Carrie Childers, the Postsecondary Study explores the current services provided for students with disabilities at post-secondary institutions in Ohio, Kentucky, and/or West Virginia with the goal of using this information to develop a postsecondary language group.

Hemispherectomy Study 

Led by Dr. Carrie Childers, the Hemispherectomy Study analyzes the language development over a 3-year period for a child with a left hemispherectomy.


Faculty-Student Collaboration

Language and Communication in Children and Adolescents from Appalachia

This study involves analysis of (a) videotaped observations of language and interaction between young Appalachian children and their parents/caregivers and (b) language samples from school-age children and adolescents from Appalachia. The researchers are interested in learning more about early language and communication used by young children and the impact of parent interaction on this process.  They are also studying the type of language children and adolescents with and without language disorders use when engaging in different types of oral language tasks, such as storytelling and story retelling.

Best Practices for Designing a Literacy-Development Program for Children who are Homeless or at Risk of Becoming Homeless 

This study involves interviews with directors and/or teachers of literacy programs throughout the Tri-State region of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky and classroom observations. The student researchers wish to learn about (a) optimal literacy program design and administration, (b) factors contributing to student success and failure, (c) factors that contribute to or hinder program development, and (d) present or future plans for collaboration with other programs.  They want to use this information to design a literacy program targeting children from low-SES situations who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Public Perception and Knowledge of Environmental Factors Impacting Speech and Language Development

This study sought to understand the perceptions and knowledge of the general public related to environmental factors impacting speech and language development, as well as to obtain descriptions of activities and circumstances helpful and harmful with regard to a child’s speech and language development. The researchers compared responses based on a number of demographic factors, with special interest in location, and giving specific consideration to the nature of responses from WV and non-WV residents.

Parental Knowledge of Speech and Language Developmental Milestones

Accurate information about developmental milestones is critical so that parents can identify whether or not there are concerns, and to seek out services, if warranted. However, the level of parental knowledge about speech and language milestones remains largely unclear. The purpose of this study was answer the research question: What do expectant parents and/or parents of young children know about major speech and language developmental milestones?

100% Pass Rate on the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology
Congratulations to our SLP students who received a 100% pass rate on the 2020 Praxis Exam. Thank you to our hardworking faculty who helped make this possible.

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