Neurogenic Communication Disorders

Faculty-Led Research

Aphasia – Practitioners’ Perspectives

Led by Professor Kelly Rutherford, this research focuses on investigating practitioners’ perspectives about aphasia, a neurogenic language disorder impacting numerous facets of an individual’s expressive and/or receptive language abilities.

TBI Study

Led by Dr. Carrie Childers and Professor Kelly Rutherford, this study explores the preferences of individuals attending a local brain injury support group to better determine level of satisfaction and preferred versus non-preferred topics and formats.


Faculty-Student Collaboration

Using the Cookie Theft Picture to Analyze Language and Cognitive Function

Students and faculty collaboratively explore how redrawing a specific picture, such as the widely-used Cookie Theftpicture from Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination (BDAE) can provide diagnostic information about cognition in adults with traumatic brain injury.

Graduate Program Open House

There are two virtual opportunities for students to attend the Fall 2020 Graduate Program Open House.

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100% Pass Rate on the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology
Congratulations to our SLP students who received a 100% pass rate on the 2020 Praxis Exam. Thank you to our hardworking faculty who helped make this possible.

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