Minor Requirements and Approved Courses

To earn a minor in Digital Humanities, a student must complete at least 15 credits in approved Digital Humanities courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Other requirements:

  • Students must take DH: 201: Intro to Digital Humanities.
  • 12 additional credit hours in courses related to Digital Humanities.
  • Because this is an interdisciplinary minor, students must complete coursework in at least 3 academic departments.
  • At least 9 credit hours must have been completed at Marshall University. Students may utilize up to 6 credit hours in Digital Humanities coursework completed at another accredited institution with the approval of the Director of Digital Humanities.
  • At least 6 of 15 credit hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above.
  • In addition to the courses on the following list, students may include up to 9 credits earned in Special Topics courses, including Honors Seminars, and up to 3 credits earned in Independent Study, provided these courses have been approved by the Director of Digital Humanities for completion of the Digital Humanities minor.
  • No courses taken on a credit/no credit basis can count toward completion of the minor. (Exceptions to this policy can be made for Spring 2020 courses due to COVID-19.)

Among the courses that may fulfill the Digital Humanities minor are the following:

  • ANT 464: Design, Planning, and Health
  • ANT 465: Disaster, Culture and Health
  • ART 219: Foundations: Frame/Time (formerly Gaze/Animate: Digital Images)
  • ART 318: Art and Design for Websites
  • ART 480-482: Video Art
  • CIT 280/ENG 280: Coding for the Digital Humanities (WI)
  • CIT 446: 3D Modeling and Animation
  • CMM 255: Introduction to Computer-Mediated Communication (SS)
  • CMM 456: Computer-Mediated Communication
  • CS 105: Explore the World with Computing (CT)
  • CS 110: Computer Science I
  • CS 120: Computer Science II
  • DH 201: Intro to Digital Humanities (HUM, WI)
  • ENG 263: Digital Literary Studies (formerly ENG 280) (HUM, LIT, WI)
  • ENG 344: Introduction to Film Studies (LIT, WI)
  • ENG 350: Intro to Textual Analysis (WI)
  • ENG 408: Writing in the Digital World (WI)
  • GEO 110: Basic GIS (1 credit, online)
  • GEO 111: Air Photos and Satellite Imagery
  • GEO 112: Smartphone GPS (1 credit, 8 weeks)
  • GEO 113: Web GIS
  • GEO 426: Principles of GIS (4 credits, online)
  • ITL 350: Advanced Digital Literacy Skills (8 weeks, online)
  • ITL 406: Digital Citizenship (8 weeks, online)
  • ITL 455: Pedagogy of New Literacies (8 weeks, online)
  • JMC 241: Media Design (WI)
  • JMC 260: Digital Imaging for JMC
  • JMC 361: Digital Presence
  • JMC 462: Web Design
  • MUS 210: Intro to Electronic Music (CIT, Fine Arts, online)
  • PSC 478: Power, Politics, and Video Games (formerly PSC 480)

The following courses count toward a Digital Humanities minor only when taught by approved faculty. Please check the program website or email the Director of Digital Humanities for a list of approved faculty.

  • ENG 101: Beginning Composition (Hovatter) (Compostion)
  • ENG 200: Texting the World (Rucker) (CT, HUM, LIT, WI)
  • ENG 201: Advanced Composition (Hovatter, Rucker) (Composition)
  • ENG 432: Contemporary Literature (LIT, WI [depending on instructor])
  • ENG 440: Selected Topics in Film (Nolte, Squire) (LIT, WI)
  • HON 292: Yeager Seminar III: Coding for the Digital Humanities (Cartwright, Lillvis) (CT, WI)
  • HON 480: Special Topics: Design, Planning, Health (Hoey)
  • HST 303: The American Military Experience (Trowbridge) (United States History, WI, online)
  • HST 312: African-American History, 1619 to Present (Trowbridge)
  • HST 437: Seminar in Public History
  • HST 438: Material Culture and History

Approved Courses by Semester

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