Digital Humanities
Why Digital Humanities Minor?
Digital Humanities

DH students receive a multidisciplinary education from award-winning and grant-funded faculty from colleges throughout the university. Thus, students join a new generation of professionals who are both humanistically and digitally savvy.

The goals of the DH program include:

  • Applying technical and critical thinking skills to conduct digital projects that bridge the humanities and other disciplines;
  • Applying theoretical frameworks and research techniques to interpret the key issues raised by the digital humanities;
  • Applying, analyzing, and creating knowledge around problems in digital humanities interdisciplinary studies;
  • Analyzing the impact of digital technologies on humanities research methods and approaches;
  • Fostering collaborations among faculty, staff, and students; and
  • Diffusing DH methods and tools into the teaching and research communities at Marshall University and beyond.
Digital Humanities @ Marshall

At Marshall University, Digital Humanities allows us to explore and deepen the relationship between humanities disciplines and digital tools and technologies. Students develop their technical and critical thinking skills by using, creating, and reflecting on humanities data projects.

For more info, contact:

Dr. Sarah Schaefer Walton
Director of Digital Humanities

Eryn Roles
Digital Humanities Librarian

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