Undergraduate Courses

Please see Undergraduate Catalog for program requirements.

JMC 101 Media Literacy
3 hrs. I, II
Examines structures and functions of
mass media and provides a critical look at their
effects on social concepts such as democracy and diversity. Includes print, electronic journalism, advertising, public relations.

JMC 102 Information Gathering and Research
3 hrs. I, II, S
Information gathering for media professionals
including critical thinking, computer search tools, writing, editing, information use, word use fundamentals, interviewing, research, library use,
and construction for mass communications professionals. (PR: JMC 101)

JMC 201 News Writing I
3 hrs. I, II, S
Techniques of cross-media news writing designed
to develop basic skills necessary for beginning reporters and public relations professionals through
in-class laboratory experience. (PR: Keyboarding proficiency, JMC 101, and JMC 102)

JMC 221 Advertising and Continuity Writing
3 hrs. I, II
Introduction to advertising and broadcast copy
writing. Includes strategy, script formats,
persuasion, styles of writing, editing, and industry organization, structures and standards. Many
writing assignments. (PR: Computer keyboard
proficiency, JMC 101, and JMC 102)

JMC 231 Introduction to Audio Production
3 hrs. II
Fundamentals of audio production, including
operation of audio equipment, microphone
techniques, tape editing and audio production. Laboratory work at WMUL-FM is required.
(PR: JMC 101)

JMC 241 Graphics of Communication
3 hrs. I, II. S
Creative and practical aspects of typography,
layout and design of printed communication.
(PR: Keyboarding proficiency)

JMC 245 Fundamentals of Advertising
3 hrs. II
Organization of mass media advertising
departments and their relationships to advertising agencies and media representatives. An examination
of the practices and problems of the three areas.

JMC 272-273 Practice in Radio
1 hr. I, II, S
Staff responsibility on campus broadcast facilities, WMUL-FM. (PR: Written permission before registration and the satisfactory completion of one year of service on WMUL)

JMC 280-283 Special Topic
1-4; 1-4; 1-4; 1-4 hrs. I, II, S

JMC 301 News Reporting II
3 hrs. I, II
Practice in gathering and writing news for campus media. Emphasis is placed on beat assignment reporting, interviewing techniques, and some specialized reporting. A laboratory class in which students write for the university student newspaper, The Parthenon, and its online edition; WMUL-FM,
and “MU Report.” (PR: JMC 102, 201)

JMC 302 Advanced Editing and Design
3 hrs. I, II
Advanced course in copy editing, headline writing,
and design for daily, community, and public relations newspapers. Laboratory instruction and experience
on the printed and online issues of the university newspaper, The Parthenon. (PR: JMC 241 and 301)

JMC 303 Sports News Reporting
3 hrs
In-depth news reporting on the sports beat,
breaking news and analysis. (PR: JMC 201)

JMC 304 Computer-Assisted Reporting
3 hrs. I
Study and practice of research methods and writing techniques for in-depth and computer-assisted
cross-media reporting on topical issues. (PR: JMC 301)

JMC 305 Copy Editing
3 hrs
Copy editing for newspapers, magazines and
online, with emphasis on finding and correcting
errors of fact, grammar, spelling. AP style; writing headlines; selecting and placing stories in
publications. (PR/CR: JMC 201)

JMC 321 Sportscasting
3 hrs
A “hands-on” course designed to develop announcing, interviewing and writing skills specifically as such skills relate to play-by-play techniques and practices.

JMC 330 Fundamentals of Public Relations
3 hrs. I, II, S
Public relations practices and techniques
used by business, educational, industrial, governmental, and social organizations.

JMC 331 Radio-Television Announcing and Newscasting
3 hrs. I, II
Specialized training in the interpretive skills of announcing and newscasting. (PR: JMC 101)

JMC 332 Introduction to Video Production
3 hrs. I, II
Introduction to the fundamentals of video production, dealing with cameras, microphones, lighting, staging, field production, editing, post production. (PR: JMC 101)

JMC 334 Advanced Audio
3 hrs. I
Advanced theory and practice in
audio production, with equal emphasis on writing and performance techniques for the documentary public affairs, feature, and/or dramatic program. Laboratory work at WMUL-FM is required. (PR: JMC 231)

JMC 340 Basic Broadcast News
3 hrs. I, II
Introduction and overview of electronic journalism. Emphasis on broadcast writing. Students will report
for Newscenter 88 WMUL-FM. (PR: Keyboarding
proficiency, JMC 101, and JMC 102)

JMC 360 Digital Imaging for JMC
3 hrs. I, II
Methods of taking and editing still and video digital images for print, broadcast, and online publication.
(PR: JMC 241 or an equivalent graphics course for all students except broadcast journalism and radio-television majors.)

JMC 372-373 Practice in Radio or Television
1 or 2 hrs. I, II, S
Staff responsibility on campus broadcast
facilities. Capstone experience. (PR: Written
permission before registration)

JMC 383 Advertising Layout and Design
3 hrs. II
Principles and practices in layout and
design of advertising for all media.
(PR: JMC 241; JMC 245 or MKT 341)

JMC 385 Advertising Media Planning
3 hrs. II
Planning and practice in allocating advertising
budgets in the mass media to effectively reach the target audiences at the most reasonable cost.
(PR: JMC 245 or MKT 341)

JMC 390 Media Sales and Underwriting
3 hrs
Introduction of business side of mass media with emphasis on sales in television and radio;
consideration of competing media; difference
between commercial and public broadcasting and
the elements of underwriting.

JMC 400 Photojournalism II
3 hrs
A course in advanced techniques for newspaper
and magazine photography, concentrating on
creation, design and use of photo essays and
picture stories. (PR: JMC 360 or ART 315)

JMC 402 Law of Mass Communications
3 hrs. I, II, S
A cross-media overview of the legal concepts
important to the media professional with special
focus on the roles, rights, and responsibilities of
those individuals. (PR: Junior standing)

JMC 404 History of American Journalism and Mass Communications
3 hrs. II
The development of the press in the United States,
the contributions of American journalists, the rise
of radio and television, and the relation of commun-ications developments to political, economic and social trends in America.

JMC 408 Strategic Communications Research
3 hrs. I
The course will include lectures, readings,
discussions and projects on the resources and techniques used to obtain information by strategic communications decision-makers for advertising
and public relations program planning.

JMC 409 Public Relations Research Methods
3 hrs
The course is designed to provide hands-on
experience in collecting, interpreting, evaluating and reporting research valued in the field of public relations. Included: lectures, readings, discussions, and projects. (PR: JMC 330)

JMC 410 Magazine Editorial Practices
3 hrs
Study of the organization and functions of the
magazine editorial department, with practice in
planning magazine content, laying out pages and establishing production procedures. (PR: JMC 241)

JMC 414 Reporting Public Affairs
3 hrs. II
Advanced instruction in cross-media reporting in
local, state, and federal government; politics,
finance, labor, and social and environmental issues, with emphasis on background and interpretation. Course includes field trips and guest speakers.
(PR: JMC 301)

JMC 415 Advertising Strategy and Execution
3 hrs. I
Analyzing advertising problems in a case study approach, proposing a strategic solution, and implementing the strategy. Students must write and produce advertisements for a variety of media.
(PR: JMC 221; JMC 245 or JMC 341)

JMC 420 Electronic Media Management
3 hrs
Covers special circumstances faced by electronic
media managers including programming, legal constraints, employment practices, technological developments, social pressures, impact of the
Internet, and other concerns.

JMC 425 Advertising Campaigns
3 hrs. II
Students function as an advertising agency to plan,
to prepare, and to present local and national advertising campaigns. Problems of the advertiser
and the agency are considered. Capstone
experience. (PR: JMC 383, 385, 415)

JMC 430 Magazine Article Writing
3 hrs. I
Fundamentals of researching and writing the
popular, factual magazine article; techniques of
selling articles to magazines (PR: Junior standing)

JMC 432 Corporate and Instructional Video
3 hrs. S
Development of the use of video communication
and instruction in business, agencies,
and education. Production and utilization of
video units for specific objectives.

JMC 433 Radio-Television Programming
3 hrs. II
Principles of programming, including audience
analysis, production, purchase, and scheduling
of various formats. (PR: JMC 101)

JMC 434 Advanced Video
3 hrs. II
Development of the elements necessary for the production of detailed video projects. Students
study the creation and production of public affairs, educational and creative video programming.
(PR: JMC 332)

JMC 435 Radio-Television Law and Regulation
3 hrs. II
Development and current status of the legal
structure of broadcasting in the United States.
(PR: JMC 101)

JMC 436 International Mass Communications
3 hrs. II
Development of various systems of
mass communications and
comparison with the United States.

JMC 437 Public Relations Writing
3 hrs. I
Theory and practice of various writing challenges encountered by public relations practitioners.
Some consideration of publications design.
(PR: JMC 201, 241 and 330)

438 Public Relations Case Studies
3 hrs. I
Examination of the handling of public relations
problems and opportunities by business,
educational, governmental, and social
organizations, with particular emphasis on public relations analysis and problem solving.
(PR: JMC 330)

JMC 439 Public Relations Campaign Management
3 hrs. II
Applying the four-step public relations process
to an organization’s program or campaign. Includes execution of public opinion research and development of original communication tools. Competitive agency model generally used. Capstone experience.
(PR: JMC 437 and 438)

JMC 440 Mass Communication Ethics
3 hrs. I, II, S
Study of basic concepts underlying contemporary American mass communications operations and practices and how those concepts affect professional ethics in the field. Examination of ethical conflicts encountered and application of ethical principles
when determining solutions. Capstone experience.
(PR: senior standing)

JMC 445 Advertising in Modern Society
3 hrs
An examination of current issues and problems affecting the advertising industry and a study of advertising’s impact on and responsibility to society.(PR:Junior standing)

JMC 450 Contemporary Issues in Radio
and Television
3 hrs. II
An examination of the current political, social,
economic and legal issues affecting the decision-making process in the newsrooms and
programming centers of the electronic media.
(PR: Junior standing)

JMC 451 Television Reporting
3 hrs. I
Students report, shoot, edit, write, produce, and
anchor “MU Report,” a student- produced newscast. The class makes use of university broadcast facilities and West Virginia Public Television as available
(PR or CR: JMC 301)

JMC 452 Advanced TV Reporting
3 hrs. I
Students report, shoot, edit, write, produce, and
anchor “MU Report,” a student- produced newscast,
on an advanced level. The class makes use of university broadcast facilities and West Virginia
Public Television, as available. Capstone experience.
(PR: JMC 451)

JMC 455 Women, Minorities and the Mass Media
3 hrs. I
A seminar that explores the portrayals and participation of women and people of color in the mass media.

461 Web Strategies
3 hrs. I
Examination of web strategies in news and
strategic communication contexts. Includes online
media trends, content development, ethical issues
and best practices. (PR: Junior standing)

JMC 462 Web Design for Mass Media
3 hrs. I, II
Creative and practical aspects of typography,
design and interactivity of online communications
for the mass media. (PR: JMC 241)

JMC 465 Multimedia Reporting
3 hrs
An advanced laboratory reporting class in which students, in teams and individually, produce
multimedia stories including audio, video, still
photos, text and graphics for publication.
(PR: JMC 360 and JMC 461 or 462)

JMC 470 Professional Practicum
1-4 hrs. I, II, S
Instruction to assist students in meeting career expectations. Short-term courses designed to bridge instructional programs and practices of professional journalism. Students may participate in supervised publications work in reporting, editing and advertising.(PR: JMC 301, 302, or permission of instructor)

JMC 475 Documentary Journalism
3 hrs
Students will view, critique and evaluate the genres
of nonfiction storytelling. Students will produce an original 15-minute film to be screened to the public.
(PR: JMC 201 or 221, and JMC 360 or 332 or 432)

JMC 490 Journalism and Mass Communications Internship I
1-3 hrs. I, II, S
Supervised journalistic or mass communications
work with professional media including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising, and public relations departments and agencies. Conferences
with instructor for guidance and evaluation. Advance arrangements must be made through the JMC internship director. Capstone experience.

JMC 491 Journalism and Mass Communications Internship II
1-3 hrs. I, II, S
Supervised journalistic or mass communications work with professional media including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising and public relations departments or agencies. Advance arrangements must be made through the JMC internship director. (Student must have completed a previous internship. Can not be used in hours required for graduation.)

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