Hall of Fame Inductees

The Hall of Fame was established in 1985 to recognize distinguished alumni and faculty of the program who have brought distinction to the school through their performance in any area of the industry represented in the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications, whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Nominations, selections and inductions are managed by the Journalism and Mass Communications Alumni Advisory Board. Nominees must have made a contribution to the profession, have made a positive impact upon the profession or through talent, treasure or activity, have made an outstanding impact upon Marshall University and/or the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

First induction class 1985

Photo of Marvin Stone

Marvin Stone
Class of 1947

Photo of L. T. Anderson

L. T. Anderson
Class of 1942

Photo of Jim Comstock

Jim Comstock
Class of 1934

Photo of C. Donald Hatfield

C. Donald Hatfield
Class of 1957

Photo of Dallas “Tex” Higbee

Dallas “Tex” Higbee
Class of 1939

Photo of Burl Osborne

Burl Osborne
Class of 1960

Photo of Gay Pauley Sehon

Gay Pauley Sehon
Class of 1942

Photo of Paul Sierer

Paul Sierer
Class of 1951

Inducted 1986

Photo of Henry G. King

Henry G. King
Class of 1937

Inducted 1987

Inducted 1988

Photo of Angela Dodson

Angela Dodson
Class of 1973

Photo of Norman G. Haddad

Norman G. Haddad
Classes of 1958 & 1975

Photo of Gordon C. Kinney

Gordon C. Kinney
Class of 1941

Photo of Dr. Ralph J. Turner

Dr. Ralph J. Turner
Class of 1967

Inducted 1989

Photo of Larry Ascough

Larry Ascough
Class of 1963 & 1966

Photo of Nelson Bond

Nelson Bond
Class of 1934

Photo of Paul D. Butcher

Paul D. Butcher
Class of 1953

Photo of Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly
Class of 1941

Photo of Charles “CT” Mitchell

Charles “CT” Mitchell
Classes of 1953 & 1970

Photo of David A. Peyton, Sr.

David A. Peyton, Sr.
Class of 1970

Inducted 1990

Inducted 1991

Photo of James E. Casto

James E. Casto
Class of 1964

Photo of Dr. George T. Arnold

Dr. George T. Arnold
Classes of 1963 and 1965

Inducted 1992

Inducted 1993

Poto of Maurice Kaplan

Maurice Kaplan
Class of 1946

Photo of George Rorrer

George Rorrer
Class of 1954 & 1962

Photo of Rex L. Repass

Rex L. Repass
Class of 1976

Harry Wiley
Class of 1969

Inducted 1999

Photo of Bob Smith

Bob Smith
Class of 1961

Inducted 2000

Photo of Roger Dyer

Roger Dyer
Class of 1971

Photo of Joe Johns

Joe Johns
Class of 1980

Inducted 2002

Image of Fran Allred

Fran Allred
Class of 1964

Image of Howard Cochran

Howard “Moo” Cochran
Class of 1952

Image of Wayne Faulkner

Wayne Faulkner
Class of 1972

Image of Jane McCoy Hambric

Jane McCoy Hambric
Class of 1970

Photo of Marty Kish

Marty Kish
Class of 1976

Photo of Clyde Wellman

Clyde Wellman
Class of 1908

No Picture Available

John Wilson
Class of 1972

Inducted 2016

Image of Charles Bailey

Dr. Charles G. Bailey
Class of 1974 and 1985

Image of Mike Cherry

Mike Cherry
Class of 1980

Image of Jody Jividen

Jody Jividen
Class of 1981

Image of Pete Ruest

Pete Ruest
Class of 1997

Inducted 2017

Image of Sean Callebs

Sean Callebs
Class of 1983

Image of John Hackworth

John Hackworth
Class of 1971

Image of Susan Lavenski

Susan Lavenski
Class of 1992

Image of Chris Stadelman

Chris Stadelman
Class of 1992

Image of Dave Wellman

Dave Wellman
Class of 1975

Inducted 2021

Dan Hollis
Professor 1999 – Present

Susan Nicholas
Class of 1990

Tony Crutchfield
Class of 1982

Bill Bissett
Class of 1997

Chris Fabry
Class of 1982

Steve Cotton
Class of 1995

Brent Cunningham
Class of 1988

Jack Houvouras
Class of 1988

Mike Kirtner
Class of 1972

Virginia Sherlock
Class of 1970

Inducted 2022

Kathy Cosco
Class of 1988

Patricia Proctor
Class of 1984

Giles Snyder
Class of 1987