Hall of Fame Inductees

The Hall of Fame was established in 1985 to recognize distinguished alumni and faculty of the program who have brought distinction to the school though their performance in any area of the industry represented in the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications, whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Nominations, selections and inductions are managed by the Journalism and Mass Communications Alumni Advisory Board. Nominees must have made a contribution to the profession, have made a positive impact upon the profession or through talent, treasure or activity, have made an outstanding impact upon Marshall University and/or the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

First induction class 1985

Marvin Stone
Class of 1947

L. T. Anderson
Class of 1942

Jim Comstock
Class of 1934

C. Donald Hatfield
Class of 1957

Dallas "Tex" Higbee
Class of 1939

Burl Osborne
Class of 1960

Gay Pauley Sehon
Class of 1942

Paul Sierer
Class of 1951

Inducted 1986

Estelle "Bill" Belanger
Class of 1935

Henry G. King
Class of 1937

Inducted 1987

Inducted 1988

Angela Dodson
Class of 1973

Norman G. Haddad
Classes of 1958 & 1975

Gordon C. Kinney
Class of 1941

Dr. Ralph J. Turner
Class of 1967

Inducted 1989

Larry Ascough
Class of 1963 & 1966

Nelson Bond
Class of 1934

Paul D. Butcher
Class of 1953

Gene Kelly
Class of 1941

Charles "CT" Mitchell
Classes of 1953 & 1970

David A. Peyton, Sr.
Class of 1970

Inducted 1990

Inducted 1991

James E. Casto
Class of 1964

Dr. George T. Arnold
Classes of 1963 and 1965

Inducted 1992