Application Deadlines

Applicants for the Post Masters – Doctor of Nursing Practice (PM-DNP) are considered for admission for fall semesters only, and all required application materials must be received in Graduate Admissions office and the PM – DNP program prior to application review. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible with applications being reviewed on a rolling basis until August 1. Applications may be reviewed after August 1 if capacity remains.

Admission Requirements for the Post-Master’s DNP Program.

All applications are holistically reviewed based on the completed application package.

The PM – DNP program does not accept transfer credits from other institutions; accordingly, 100% of the credits for the DNP degree will be earned at Marshall University.

The PM – DNP program is available to a limited number of qualified applicants. Admission is determined on a competitive basis. To be eligible for initial consideration for admission to the program, applicants must submit a completed application with all the following elements directly to Graduate Admissions:

  1. Completed Marshall University Graduate Application,
  2. Under degree program look for Nursing: Post Masters – Doctor of Nursing Practice
  3. Pay Non-Refundable Graduate School application fee.
  4. Official transcripts from all post-secondary education programs attended.
  5. Official transcripts with degree posted, from degree-granting institution, documenting a Master’s Degree in Nursing from an accepted, accredited institution with a professionally accredited nursing program. Required cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale for the master’s degree.
  6. Submission of two Professional References
    • At least one reference from an academic course
  7. Submission of a current professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV).
    • Should include education, work, and volunteer activities, licensures, and other certifications, awards, professional organization, etc.
  8. Statement of professional goals
    • Describe reasons for applying to the MSN-DNP program, speak to specific areas of interest and potential ideas for MSN-DNP project.

Applicants must submit the following elements directly to the PM – DNP program:

  1. Verified hours of supervised clinical practice in the Master’s Degree in Nursing program.
    1. Verification form can be downloaded by clicking the link.
    2. Applicants who have not graduated from Master’s Degree in Nursing will be required to submit the verification form upon graduation from the Master’s Degree program no later than August 1.
    3. Applicants with less than 500 hours of supervised clinical practice in the Master’s Degree Nursing program may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Evidence of a current unencumbered license as a Registered Nurse in the U.S. jurisdiction where the applicant plans to complete PM – DNP clinical.
  3. Evidence of current certification and license as an Advanced Practice Nurse (if applicable) in a U.S. jurisdiction where the applicant plans to complete PM – DNP clinical. If pending or recent graduation from accredited Master’s in Nursing program, license and certification must be completed by end of the first semester in the PM – DNP program.
  4. Both RN and APRN licensure must be in the jurisdiction where the applicant plans to complete PM – DNP clinical hours.
  • Successful applicants are not fully admitted to the PM – DNP program until they provide the following:
    1. Successful completion of a background check from an agency approved by the program
    2. Successful completion of drug screen from an agency approved by the program
    3. Documentation of immunizations and labs required by the program
  • For more information refer to the PM – DNP Student Handbook PM – DNP Handbook (1/16/24)
  • PM – DNP Student Handbook (12/9/23)

Applicants for the PM-DNP must submit the documentation to the Graduate Admissions office and to the PM – DNP program, as outlined above, to be considered for admission:

Marshall University
Graduate Admissions
One John Marshall Dr
Old Main B19
Huntington, WV 25755

Marshall University
College of Health Professions
PM – DNP Program
Prichard Hall, Room 421
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755


Agency Request Form

DNP Practicum Verification Form

DNP Learning Outcomes