What is the Online College Courses in the High Schools Program (OCCHS)?

The Marshall University Online College Courses in the High Schools program offers qualified, highly motivated, self-disciplined high school students the opportunity to take Marshall University courses online–100% via the internet – for college credit while they are still enrolled in high school. OCCHS gives high school students the opportunity to learn from Marshall University instructors, who are master teachers, and to earn college credit.

Who is eligible to participate?

The Online College Courses in the High Schools program offered through Marshall University is open to qualified and self-disciplined high school students. The program is also offered to qualified students not yet high school juniors who have received permission from their parents, principal and guidance counselors. The qualifications are:

Junior and Senior year of high school

  1. Be currently enrolled in a high school program
  2. Completed admissions application
  3. High school transcript reflecting a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale
  4. One letter of recommendation from a counselor or principal
  5. To take a Math course, a student must have a qualifying ACT score of 19 or a SAT score of 48 in Math. Some Math courses may require a higher ACT/SAT score. To take English courses, a student must have an ACT score of 18 or a SAT score of 480 in English.

Prior to the junior year of high school

  1. Be enrolled in a high school program
  2. An ACT/SAT at the 85th percentile or above (ACT = 24/SAT = 1160). If the ACT/SAT exam has not been taken, The ACT/PLAN composite score must be at the 90th percentile or above.
  3. High school transcript reflecting a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale
  4. A letter of recommendation from a counselor or principal
  5. Maintain a 2.00 GPA in all college courses

What computer equipment do I need to take an OCCHS course?

Students will need access to a computer and the Internet to participate in the Online College Courses in the High Schools Program. To ensure compatibility of district computers, go to MUOnline (http://www.marshall.edu/muonline) and run the Browser Tuneup.

Do I need to know a lot about computers?

At a minimum, you will need to be comfortable with e-mail and using the Internet. For example, during the course of your studies you may be required to post messages to an electronic bulletin board and to post assignments and upload them to the course.

What is the cost of each course?

OCCHS courses are $25 per credit hour so a three-hour course would cost $75.

When and how do I pay for the OCCHS course?

All OCCHS students will receive a billing statement from Marshall University.  Please wait until you receive your billing statement and follow the directions on the billing statement to pay for your course(s).  Please do NOT send checks to the OCCHS Program.  If you have any billing questions, please contact Marshall’s Bursar’s Office at 304-696-6620.

How do I log in to my online course?

What do I do if I cannot log on to my class?

If you cannot log in, please call 304-696-3200 for assistance.

Can I receive financial aid for OCCHS courses?

Students who have not graduated from high school are not eligible for financial aid.

How do I get admitted to Marshall University as an OCCHS student?

The online OCCHS admissions form can be located at http://www.marshall.edu/occhs/OCCHSOnlineApp.pdf. You must meet all eligibility requirements. You must fill out the form and e-mail it to mayes@marshall.edu or mail it to Kelli Mayes at the below address. You must also fill out the Transcript and Letter of Recommendation Request Form and take that form to your counselor. Your counselor will forward your transcript and letter of recommendation to:

Kelli R. Mayes
Marshall University
Communications Building 214
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755

To take MU courses beyond high school graduation, you must apply for freshman admission and meet admission requirements as described in the Marshall University undergraduate catalog.

How do I get registered for my OCCHS course?

You must fill out the box on the Admissions Application Form indicating which OCCHS course(s) you wish to take. When the admissions process is completed, and you have been admitted to Marshall University and you have paid the $402.00 tuition (for a 3-hour course), the OCCHS Coordinator will register you for the class.

Can I drop my OCCHS course?

Students can drop an online course by e-mailing a request to drop to Kelli Mayes. The instructor’s signature is not required. If a student is on academic probation, he/she must have the approval signature of his/her associate dean. Mail your Request to Drop to: Kelli Mayes, Marshall University, Communications Building 214, One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV 25755

What are OCCHS courses like?

OCCHS course offerings have no live meetings; there will be no live class meeting times.When you login is up to you, but please keep in mind your course due deadlines for assignments and exams. Since you do all of your course work and discussion activities at your own pace (again keeping in mind deadlines for assignments/exams), in a course delivered 100 percent over the Internet, and with no live meetings, you have a lot of flexibility as to “when” you actually do your work.

This “flexibility” also carries with it responsibility. In order to avoid academic problems and penalties, you must do assignments and tests in a timely fashion. Chances are, no one will prompt or remind you to do your work. As with regular CCHS courses, these courses must be a priority in your academic life.

How much time will I spend on my course?

As Marshall University Online courses are equivalent to those taught on campus, you can expect to spend at least as much time as you would if you took the class in a traditional classroom setting. You can also expect to do a significant amount of reading and writing, depending on the course.

Is an OCCHS course easier to take than a face-to-face course?

While the learning and delivery methods are different, the course content offered in an online course is the same. Depending on the course type, you might focus more on reading and writing rather than listening and observing.

Keep in mind that online courses are college-level courses which offer a different way of learning.

These courses require self-discipline and motivation. Some students enjoy the flexibility of online courses and the experience of independent learning. Online courses definitely require focus, discipline and determination, but the benefits of successfully taking and completing courses online are great. If you have an opportunity to take a face-to-face regular CCHS (College Courses in the High School Program) course, you should take the face-to-face course. OCCHS courses are not to replace or substitute for CCHS courses but are, instead, an add-on option for courses not available in the CCHS Program.

How do I get my textbook?

Textbooks are available at the Marshall University Bookstore located in the Memorial Student Center on the Marshall campus. You can order books online at the bookstore’s web site or via telephone: 304-696-3622. For your convenience, the bookstore web site lists required textbooks by semester and course. You will be prompted to select the appropriate course number and section number to view the list of required textbooks for your course.

How do I contact my instructor?

Communication methods vary from course to course, but most instructors use e-mail or electronic bulletin boards as their primary methods. These are “tools” that are part of every online course. Most instructors e-mail addresses at Marshall University are available in the MU Electronic Phonebook Directory. If you do not see your instructor’s name and e-mail address on this list, you can also do a course search from the Marshall University Online homepage. Information about your course will include the instructor’s e-mail address.

What e-mail address will my instructor use to contact me?

When you register for any class at Marshall – online or traditional – you are automatically assigned a computer account on MUNet. MUNet is the Marshall University computing network. Your computer account provides a username and password for access to the University computer network. Your computer account also provides you with an e-mail address.

If you are an online student, you can request that your MUNet account be mailed to you by calling Marshall University Computing Services at 304-696-3222. You can also obtain your e-mail address with your Marshall University username by logging into myMU . Click on the e-mail icon and you will see your address in the upper right corner of the window that opens.

Online course-related e-mail may be sent to your Marshall University e-mail address unless you choose to set a forwarding address at this site: Computing Services E-mail Delivery Location You can access your Marshall University e-mail by logging into myMU.

Your online course instructor will most likely use the Vista E-Mail Tool to contact you. To access the Vista E-Mail Tool, you will need to login to your online course.

Please note that the initial e-mail you may receive from your Marshall University Online instructor may be sent to your Marshall University e-mail account.

Will I have to take tests?

The requirements vary from course to course, but many courses do require exams. Some courses may require that you obtain a proctor for exams, but this will be fully explained to you by the course instructor. You must do your own work and take your own tests. Penalties for cheating are great. Please see: Marshall University Undergraduate Catalog

What happens if I get behind on assignments or tests?

Again, because OCCHS courses are completed by high school students entirely online without outside supervision, you must keep up with assignments and tests. Grave academic consequences exist for not completing work in a timely manner. Inherent within the format of OCCHS is the presupposition that you are responsible and mature enough to accept the responsibility of such courses.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Online College Courses in the High Schools courses semester ending dates may vary per semester so check with your instructor for class ending dates.

When and how will I get my grade for the course?


Final grades are posted online. To view your grades, login to myMU, click on “School Services” and access MILO.

Marshall University will mail final grades only upon student request.

Requests to have grades mailed may be submitted online using myMU or by submitting a written request to the Office of the Registrar.

You may mail a written grade request to: Office of the Registrar, Marshall University, One John Marshall Drive. Huntington, WV 25755.

Do the OCCHS courses carry the same number of credits as the same courses offered on campus?

Yes. These courses carry the same number of credit hours as sections of the same/equivalent courses delivered in the traditional classroom.

Do these courses require a certain ACT/SAT score to take them?

An ACT/SAT requirement does exist for Computer Science, Math, and English courses only. To take a Math course, you must have an ACT Math score of at least 19 or a SAT Math score of at least 500. Some Math courses may require a higher score. To take an English course, you must have a ACT English score of at least 18 or a SAT critical reading score of at least 480.


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MUNET Username & Class Login:  Students receive their 901 numbers in their admission letter. With your 901 number, you can look-up your MUNET ID/username at: https://www.marshall.edu/selfservice/ftuactivation/index.php/.

To obtain your textbook information, access your course, etc., check out the following  – OCCHS Changes & Guidelines.

OCCHS courses are offered at a reduced cost of $25.00 per credit hour so a three-hour course costs $75.00!

Please contact us at 304-696-7084 or via email at occhs@marshall.edu for complete OCCHS Program details.

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