How to Succeed in College


Welcome to the first part of this module! We figured that the most important thing you can do throughout the college application process is to plan out what you are going to do when.

Since planning such a big process might seem overwhelming, we’ve included a checklist that will get you started. Throughout the process you probably want to keep your own lists, but the list we have included in this section is an overview of everything you need to accomplish before you go to college and will help you to see what you should be doing in each year of school.

It also includes everything you have to do from exploring careers to applying for financial aid. Early planning can be very helpful in the long run, so we recommend that you start thinking ahead as early as 4th-6th Grade.

You can start off with some general stuff like thinking about what careers interest you and making sure that you are taking part in extracurricular activities; but as you progress through each grade up until and including your senior year, the planning will become more specific.