FAFSA Simplification Changes are Coming!

FAFSA Simplification Changes are Coming!  Click here to learn more!

Summer Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

You must have a processed 2022-23 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the Office of Student Financial Assistance (SFA) to be considered for summer financial aid.

Documents and Registration

You must have all financial aid document requirements satisfied for both 2022-23 and 2023-24. Check your Financial Aid Requirements by logging into myMU. You must meet all other eligibility requirements, including admission to an eligible academic program and meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress. Click here for information about eligibility requirements.

You must be registered for one or more courses during the 2023 summer enrollment period for your summer financial aid request to be considered.  All courses must be applicable to your Course Program of Study (CPOS). Any course that is not CPOS eligible will not be considered in your summer aid decision. All CPOS updates must be completed by your academic advisor, working with the registrar’s office.  Refer to the Summer Aid Availability section for more details about enrollment requirements.

NOTE: If you change your enrollment plans after your Summer Financial Application Request has been processed, you must complete the Summer enrollment change request form. Be aware that any change in your enrollment could impact your financial aid eligibility.

Pell Grant Eligibility

If you are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant during the summer, your Pell Grant could be awarded from either the 2022-23 or 2023-24 academic year. We will review your eligibility from both years then award you the higher Pell Grant. If you have been awarded your full-time initial scheduled Pell Grant during 2022-23, you must be enrolled a minimum of 6 credit hours in summer to receive an additional Pell Grant award from the 2022-23 academic year and disbursement of those funds may be delayed based on your enrollment. To receive Pell Grant from either year, all outstanding requirements for that year must have been submitted to and processed by the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Receipt of Pell Grant will be counted toward your maximum 600% lifetime Pell Grant usage limit.

Some financial aid programs require you to complete additional forms in addition to requesting summer financial aid by following the procedures in the Summer Financial Aid Application Procedures section. Please refer to the Summer Aid Availability section for specific information about the types of aid available and to learn whether an additional application is required to receive a specific financial aid program for the summer.