Frequently Asked Refund Questions (Marshall e-Refund)


Marshall University has entered into a partnership with Heartland ECSI to provide student refunds. All students must log onto the Marshall E-Refund payment Portal and select their refund preference.

E-Refund link to Heartland/ECSI

For your convenience, you may click on the E-Refund button above or logon to MyMU and click the quick launch navigation button to select a refund preference.

You may select one of the following refund options:

  • We encourage you to select electronic deposit to any bank account of your choice as the most timely and convenient way to receive your refund. By choosing Direct Deposit your refund can be processed within 2-3 business days.
  • You can select paper check which can take 7-10 business day. If you do not select a refund preference your disbursement will default to paper check.

Please contact the following for additional information:

  • Office of the Bursar:, 304-696-6620 or in person- Old Main room 101
  • Heartland ECSI: 844-700-0134

Q: What if my refund check was sent to an old or incorrect address?
A: In many cases, refunds are returned to Heartland ECSI if they are cannot be deliverable. Students in this situation should contact Heartland ECSI to inquire about placing a stop-payment on their check. Heartland ECSI can be contacted by phone at 844-760-6052 or just log in at

Q: How do I update my address for Marshall University records?
A: Address updates can be made using MyMU. Just log in at, select Personal Information, and
follow the appropriate prompts.

Q: When will my refund be issued?
A: Refunds will be issued after the Office of Student Financial Assistance has released awarded aid to your student account but not before the first day of class for a specific term. Refunds for any Financial Aid over payments will be issued in 7 – 10 business days in the manner you have selected with Heartland ECSI.

Student Financial Aid Refunds

Fall 2024 refunds for overpayment of financial aid released to your student account will be processed beginning on the first day of the term.

Frequently Asked Refund Questions (Marshall e-Refund)


Important Due Dates

Fall 2024 Payment Plans Due Dates:

  1. First Payment Due: In accordance with published tuition due dates
  2. Second Payment Due: Wed, Sept 11
  3. Third Payment Due: Fri, Oct 11
  4. Final Payment Due: Mon, Nov 11


Summer 2024 Payment Plans Due Dates:

  1. First Payment Due: Fri, May 3
  2. Second Payment Due: Mon, June 3
  3. Final Payment Due: Wed, July 3

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Credit Card Payments

Please click below for important information on payment by credit card.

Information on Paying by Credit Card