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Marshall University has partnered with Flywire to streamline the fee payment process for our international students and payers. Flywire offers excellent foreign exchange rates and allows you to pay from almost any country. They will ensure that your payment arrives safely and accurately.

You can make a payment at Flywire-Marshall or if you require any help with your payment please visit Flywire Help or view a Flywire Tutorial

Will I receive a bill?

Your account information is available electronically through the MU CA$Htrack. You can log on using your Student User ID and password.

When Is My Due Date? Don’t Lose Your Class Schedule

Tuition and fees are due by Friday, August 14, 2020.

For students registering August 17th thru August 21st, tuition and fees are due by Friday, August 21st. For students registering August 24th thru August 28th, tuition and fees are due by Friday, August 28th.

If you do not plan to attend Fall 2020, or require further assistance, please contact our office at your earliest convenience. We are here to assist.

How do I make my payment?

The easiest, most convenient way is CA$Htrack. Simply log on with your Student User ID and password.

Through this portal you may pay with either Flywire (Please reference current exchange rates if you prefer to pay by Flywire), your personal checking account, or any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). There is a 2.25% processing fee for all credit/debit card payments.

How much will I have to pay?

Student fees are based on the college in which their major is housed and their specific programs. As long as a non-resident international student knows which university college and program they are in, they will be able to look at a simple chart and see an estimate of what their tuition and fees will be. You can visit the Tuition and Fees and Resident hall/meal plan fees page to view the charts for Marshall University.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! Marshall University is proud to offer the OASIS Plan as its exclusive payment plan for tuition and residence hall costs. The OASIS Plan provides for four equal payments of your outstanding tuition and/or housing charges. The administrative fee equal to 1% of your final three payments HAS BEEN WAIVED for the 2020-2021 school year. The remaining three-fourths will be divided into three equal installments due mid September, mid October, and mid November 2020. The OASIS Plan is available on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the late registration/schedule adjustment period. Sign up and make your payments through CA$Htrack.

Your first payment will be required at the time of enrollment. You may make your first payment with Flywire (Please reference current exchange rates if you prefer to pay by Flywire), personal check, credit or debit card. There is a 2.25% processing fee for all credit/debit card payments.

Marshall Student Refund Process

Marshall e-Refund is a service that provides processing of student refunds. In order to receive your refund, you will need to log on to MyMU and follow the e-Refund link to choose your refund preference.

How will I Receive My Refund?

If you submitted your payment using Flywire or a credit/debit card, your refund will be credited to you in the same manner in which you paid. If you submitted payment using cash, personal check, money order, or cashier’s check, your refund will be issued to you through the method you chose when setting up your E-Refund preference.

Student Financial Aid Refunds

After the Office of Student Financial Assistance has released awarded aid to your student account, refunds for any over payments will be issued in 7-10 business days.

Important Due Dates

Fall Oasis Due Dates:
1st Payment: Due upon acceptance
2nd Payment: September 16, 2020
3rd Payment: October 16, 2020
4th Payment: November 16, 2020

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Credit Card Payments

Please click below for important information on payment by credit card.

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