Tri-State STEM+M

Marshall University works collaboratively with the Ohio College Credit Plus Program to provide college courses for students attending the Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School in South Point, Ohio.  STEM+M students may enroll in Marshall’s online college courses or courses on Marshall’s Huntington campus.  Students wishing to participate in the program must meet Marshall University’s early entry admissions requirements and meet all individual course pre-requisite requirements.  Information is available on our Early Admissions website at

STEM+M Students interested in enrolling at Marshall University should reach out to their school administrators for additional information:


                                                Ms. Shelby Davidson                                      Ms. Sarah Loftus

                                                STEM+M Assistant Director                          STEM+M College Readiness & Grant Coordinator

                                                740-377-4433                                                  740-377-4433

                                                Add email                                                         Add email


Prior to enrollment, participating students and their parents/guardians must acknowledge that the students are enrolling in college-level courses with college-level content.  Course content will not be adapted for high school participants.  The subject matter of a course under the college credit plus program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent, or sexual nature, that will not be modified based upon college credit plus enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs.

Upon application and prior to enrollment at Marshall University, high school students from the Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School in South Point, Ohio, who are participating in the Ohio College Credit Plus Program must sign and submit the following documents:

  • STEM+M Permission Slipincluding both the student’s signature and a parent/guardian signature acknowledging that Marshall University course content may include mature subject matter that will not be modified based upon College Credit Plus enrollee participation. Student and parent/guardian should complete this form at the time of application.
  • MU STEM+M Questionnairesigned by the student acknowledging they are socially and emotionally mature enough to participate in the College Credit Plus Program and willingness to accept the responsibility and independence that a college classroom demands.  This form will need to be signed by the student and submitted prior to enrollment.

Completed permission slips and questionnaires should be submitted to:    Ms. Patricia Gallagher, Academic Advisor

                                                                                                                                       University College – Marshall University

                                                                                                                                                  One John Marshall Drive

                                                                                                                                                   Huntington, WV  25755

                                                                                                                                          or 304-696-3464 

Additional information is available in our MU STEM+M Questionnaire STEM Fact Sheet STEM+M Permission Slip.  Early entry students can apply here.

Students attending other high schools can also participate in early admissions options at Marshall University. Please see admissions requirements at the link above and enrollment options at  For additional information, please contact Ms. Sarah Brown, Program Manager for Dual Enrollment, at