CDC Community Levels
This week’s CDC Community Level is Medium (YELLOW) for all campuses.

Masks are recommended indoors (but not required), except for the health sciences campus, where masks are still required.

Other recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include:

  • Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines
  • Vaccines remain the best defense against serious illness, hospitalization and death related to COVID-19
  • Get tested if you have symptoms
  • Additional precautions may be needed for people at high risk for severe illness

The CDC Community Level(s) is updated each Thursday by 8 p.m., when the CDC updates its maps and data. (Last updated 10/20/22.)

DISCLAIMER: These data have a variety of sources, including on-campus testing data, results reported from off-campus providers and the county health department, and self-reported results (including those revealed through the contact tracing process).

For more information or questions, please e-mail covid19@marshall.edu.

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Vaccine Percentages
NOTE: The student vaccination percentage only includes students with at least one face to face class for the spring 2022 semester.
Total Vaccine Doses Administered
NOTE: This includes all doses of vaccines administered on campus.
Vaccines Administered
DateFirst Doses AdministeredSecond/Single Doses AdministeredBooster Doses Administered
VACCINATION PLANS/UPDATES: You can read more about the university's vaccination plans and updates.
Positive % *
NOTE: Due to the evolving nature of the pandemic, particularly with the current omicron variant, the percent positive testing rate will be considered less of an indicator of the need to change course than will capacity for isolation and quarantine in the university's residence halls, and hospital capacity in the region. Review information about metrics used for COVID-19 decision-making at Marshall.
Average Number of Cases Per Day
One Week
Two Weeks
Total On Campus Test Results
Total Tests
Total Positive Tests
Quarantine/Isolation Information
Students in Quarantine
Students On Campus in Quarantine
Students in Isolation
Students On Campus in Isolation
Employees in Quarantine
Employees in Isolation
Employee category includes auxiliaries (Sodexo, Aetna, Rec Center, etc.)
QUARANTINE refers to the separation of an individual who is known to have been exposed to COVID-19 from others who are not known to be exposed.
ISOLATION refers to the separation of an individual who is positive for COVID-19 from others who are not sick.
Daily Student Case Data
Daily Employee Case Data
Reporting Period Daily Data
DateTests CompletedPositives ReportedPending ResultsTests CompletedPositives ReportedPending ResultsTests CompletedPositives ReportedPending Results
Reporting Periods
Last WeekTwo Weeks AgoPrevious Data
Tests Done
Pending Results
Positive Results Received
Positivity Rate (Tests Performed)*
Positivity Rate (On campus census)**
Negative Results Received
Negativity Rate
* (positive tests)/(total tests) x 100%
**(positive tests)/(total on campus population) x 100%
Active Cases *
* Active cases of COVID-19 displayed on the dashboard now reflect an active status length of 5 days instead of 10 days to coincide with the revised isolation guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Employee category includes auxiliaries (Sodexo, Aetna, Rec Center, etc.). All testing is being done in partnership with Marshall Health, Cabell Huntington Hospital, Pleasant Valley Hospital, QLabs Inc. and MedExpress Urgent Care.