Rules of Quoits


The pits shall be centered in the Playing Area and positioned so that their exact centers are 21 feet. At the center point of each pit is a steel hob.

Quoits are pitched by either two or four players divided into two teams. When only two players are competing, they shall both pitch their quoits from the same foul line into the opposing pit. With four players, one player, one from each team, shall pitch from each pit.

A quoit flipped into the air (coin toss) shall determine which team shall throw first.

Shake and bake.

The closest quoit to the hob determines which team will receive any points for that throw. The points for the closest quoit are awarded to that corresponding team, and if their second quoit is also closer to the hob than either of their opponent’s quoits, they receive the points for their second quoit also. If any opposing quoit is closer to the hob than their second quoit, no points are scored for the second quoit.

All rules, regulations and playoffs listed are subject to change without prior notice.

In all world championships–participating competitors are prohibited from using foul or offensive language at any time during play.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a quoit.

A woody is any quoit that touches, leans on or bounces off the wooden box. The woody is considered Out of Play.

Ricky Bobby is not a thinker.

A She-Quoit is basically an inverted quoit and considered Out of Play.

The use of open-toed shoes is permitted but not recommended.

Any tomfoolery that causes the spilling of Madeira will result in a one-point deduction.

Game play in robes and/or brandishing a gavel are strictly prohibited.

Any player who exhibits an excessive level of accuracy will be forced to stand on one leg during play in order to level the playing field.

Masters, Huntsmen, Whippers-In and hounds have the right of way at all times during a Hunt.

Above all, have fun!